France Campaigns for Morocco 2026 in Moscow

Rabat – President of the French Football Federation (FFF) Noel le Garet campaigned for the Morocco 2026 World Cup bid with the UEFA  members in Moscow.Morocco’s 2026 World Cup bid committee had its last chance to present their bid in front of the UEFA (European) football federations on Tuesday morning in Moscow. The committee received help from Le Garet.“I raised my hand to speak and I was the only one to do it,” said Le Garet in front of the federations. He continued to say: “I once again presented the position of France and the friendly relations we have with Morocco, as with most African countries, saying that this may be the time to give back to Africa what it has given to European football.”According to the Frenchman, Morocco can count on “about half” of the 55 associations affiliated with the European group.“People do not reveal themselves totally but that is the trend,” he added.“I cannot imagine not supporting a country so near to us. Africa has only ever hosted one World Cup in all of FIFA’s history (in South Africa in 2010)—that is not a lot. Morocco is ready, even if it does not have some of the resources that it’s adversaries do. France is only one voice, but maybe it can inspire others to also support the Moroccan bid,” said the chief of FFF.France became the first European country to announce its support for Morocco 2026 in April.Former French President Francois Hollande  said during his visit to Morocco in April: “I have every confidence in this bid and France will be on your side.”Morocco asserted that the meeting with the UEFA associations was successful. Voting will take place tomorrow at the 68th FIFA Congress.“Excellent meeting this morning with the UEFA,” wrote member of the Moroccan bid committee Moncef Belkhayat on Twitter.Excellente réunion ce matin avec l’UEFA— Moncef Belkhayat (@moncefbelkhayat) June 12, 2018 read more

Georgia UN mission in precarious position says Ban

Although the United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) continues patrolling on both sides of the ceasefire line between the Government and Abkhaz separatists in the country’s north-west, it is in a “precarious” position which could quickly become untenable, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon writes in a new report to the Security Council.Referring to a 1994 pact between the warring sides, Mr. Ban says that “the status of the Moscow Agreement, which provided the basis for its mandate and the ceasefire regime, is, at best, no longer clear.”UNOMIG’s area of responsibility in Abkhazia consists of a security zone, where no military presence is permitted, a restricted weapons zone, where no heavy weapons can be introduced, and the Kodori Valley. It has no jurisdiction in nearby South Ossetia, the scene of fighting last August which pitted Georgia against separatists and their Russian allies.Since the Mission’s mandate was extended last October, the overall security situation in the area it is responsible for has remained tense, the report, made public today, notes.“There have been a considerable number of security incidents involving casualties on both sides and what little communication there was between the sides has largely broken down,” the Secretary-General says.He also cautions that “a further deterioration of the situation cannot be excluded.”On the Abkhaz-controlled side of the ceasefire line, Russian troops have taken over positions previously held by the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) peacekeeping forces, on which UNOMIG relied for security. Abkhaz heavy weapons and military personnel have entered the zone of conflict.Meanwhile, Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs personnel have set up new positions and deployed armoured vehicles in the security zone.Both the security and operation of UNOMIG depend on the “goodwill of the sides,” Mr. Ban states. “While I continue to believe that the Mission contributes to the stabilization of the situation, as a result of these developments, its position has become precarious and could rapidly become unsustainable.”Talks in Geneva – co-chaired by the European Union (EU), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the UN – have yet to yield tangible results, he said, calling on the parties to step up their efforts to agree on security and other issues.The parties have both said they support a continued UN presence, but take different positions on the scope of UNOMIG’s mandate. “Despite these divergences, I believe that it is still possible for the parties to agree on key elements of a security regime and on a United Nations role in support of its implementation,” the Secretary-General says. 5 February 2009Although the United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) continues patrolling on both sides of the ceasefire line between the Government and Abkhaz separatists in the country’s north-west, it is in a “precarious” position which could quickly become untenable, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon writes in a new report to the Security Council. read more

BC government Vancouver to collaborate on creating emptyhomes tax

VANCOUVER — The provincial government will look into taxing empty homes in a bid to increase affordable housing across B.C.Finance Minister Mike de Jong says government staff will work with the City of Vancouver to develop a proposal for the vacancy tax soon, with discussions focusing on how to figure out which homes are empty.De Jong met with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson Monday to discuss the potential levy after Robertson said last week that the city will move forward on the tax plan with or without the province’s help.Nothing to see here: Mortgage industry says there’s no housing bubble in CanadaInvestigation into B.C. real estate flipping to release its findings, give recommendationsChinese bank is trying to seize Vancouver homes of former citizen accused of fleeing country with millionsRobertson says a higher property tax on vacant homes would create an incentive for owners to rent, creating more available units in the city where the rental vacancy rate is 0.6 per cent.He says the city will still move forward with imposing a business tax on vacant homes if it cannot come to an agreement with the province.Both men say affordable housing is a serious problem across the province and that the proposed tax is just one of many issues that need to be taken in order to address the issue. read more

Baseballs Kids Are All Right

When Derek Jeter retired last year, the pundits puzzled over who would be the next “Face of Baseball.” Jeter was the guy on the Wheaties box, after all. And more broadly, Jeter’s retirement seemed to close one era of baseball and open another. Without an elder statesman, the game belonged to the kids. But would there be enough excellent, prodigious young players to replace Jeter’s cohort? We already have an answer: The kids are damn good, and they’re part of one of the most significant youth movements in baseball in the past 25 years.Baseball’s excellence is supremely concentrated in its young players at the moment. To get a sense for the balance of power in MLB, I calculated the average age of all position players in the league while weighting each player’s age by how good they were in a given year (using wins above replacement1FanGraphs’ version.). For example, the age of an MVP-type player counts for roughly eight2Here, I am contrasting an average MVP-level of performance — about 8 WAR — with a below-average player’s performance — about 1 WAR. times as much as a below-average scrub because he’s eight times better according to WAR. So, if the MVP is young, he’ll pull the weighted average down toward him. By weighting the ages in this way, we get a sense for where in MLB the production comes from — specifically, whether it arises from the grizzled veterans or the youngsters.The youngsters are winning.Since the early 2000s, the MLB’s weighted age has consistently fallen, hitting its low point (of 27.76) this year. This graph tells us that in recent years, more of the positive value in the league has been coming from younger players.The twin faces of the youth movement are undoubtedly Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, still only 22 and 23, respectively. Despite the best efforts of opposing pitchers, Trout is performing at his now-routine MVP level. Harper seems to have finally discovered consistent success with an overwhelming power stroke. But Harper and Trout have been joined by a generation of super-prospects who are outperforming even the loftiest expectations. Kris Bryant is the most obvious, but others include Joc Pederson, Carlos Correa, Mookie Betts and Addison Russell.There are several ways that baseball’s production could be getting younger, but it turns out that there are two straightforward explanations. One is that the oldest players have become less productive. The second is that the youngest players are on pace to create a tremendous amount of value.Let’s start with the veterans. Players ages 333Roughly the oldest 15 percent of players in MLB. and up have produced only 24 WAR so far this year, on pace for the second-lowest total of the past 25 years. Over a full year, that prorates to 54.8 WAR, which is less than half the total achieved by the equivalent group of players around the turn of the millennium.It’s not clear what is driving older position players down. One possibility is that new pace-of-play rules are making it harder for older hitters to make use of their experience. On the other hand, older position players seem to be getting worse not only at hitting, but also with the glove — and even on the base paths.There could be a connection between the fluctuating pattern of production by older players and the steroid era. Certainly, some of the confirmed steroid users managed to be productive well into their 30s, suggesting that steroids might confer their beneficial effects especially upon older hitters. But in the absence of data on who used what steroids when and how, it’s difficult to pursue this idea beyond a hypothesis. Regardless of the cause, it looks as though the current trend of age and production is more of a return to the norm of the early 1990s than a novelty.At the same time, we are witnessing a historic youth movement. Just as the very old players have gotten worse, the youngest have become much better. Players 24 and younger4Roughly the youngest 15 percent of players in MLB. have produced 48.7 WAR this year, which puts them on pace for about 110 WAR in a full year. If it holds, that would be the most WAR put up by this age group since 2007.That year saw a generation of future stars cement their place in the league. David Wright, at that time 24, had his best season, an MVP-caliber effort. Wright was joined by a host of talent, from Troy Tulowitzki to Jose Reyes to Miguel Cabrera. In total, 13 young hitters put up WAR values greater than 4, in the neighborhood of All-Star-level performance. Many of those players, and even some of the tier below them, have gone on to become superstars.Young players have traditionally relied upon their defense to build their value, and this year is no exception. The 24 and under group typically performs anywhere from 100 to 500 runs below average on offense but makes up for it to some extent with 100 to 200 runs from their defense.5I am also including the FanGraphs positional adjustment here. Less than halfway through this season’s games, young position players have been worth 93 runs defensively. Prorated to a full season, this would be the best defensive performance for that age group since 2001, when the overall value of the youngsters was near its low point.Except today’s kids can do something those 2001 ones couldn’t: rake. With an average mark of 94.6, young hitters are putting up the best Weighted Runs Created+ (wRC+) since that marvelous 2007 class (which was at 99.2). The average wRC+ is set at 100, so the young players are adding decent hitting to their superlative defense. Much of the hitting stems from a power surge: The young hitters are racking up a slugging percentage of .400, slightly better than the league average of .397.6Relative to the league average, this is the second-best number in the past 25 years (second, of course, to 2007).The young players are even providing value with their baserunning. Reds speedster Billy Hamilton, 24, leads the way, but the group is already up to 27.1 runs of baserunning value (Hamilton alone is responsible for nearly a third of this number). If it holds over a full season, that will be the best mark since 1990.Some of these statistics will not hold up over the length of a full season because of injuries or regression to the mean, of course. And many of the averages will be distorted by September call-ups. But two-thirds of the total WAR in this year’s young group comes from the 10 best players, all of whom are firmly ensconced in starting roles.A wave of young talent has arrived, just as the old veterans are fading into irrelevancy. Whether your preference is for Nolan Arenado’s slick glove work, Harper’s absurd power or Bryant’s eyes, we are witnessing the rise of a generation of future superstars. read more

Predatory pine martens could save the red squirrel

first_imgGrey squirrels spend more time foraging on the woodland floor and are easier prey for pine martenCredit:John Gooday / Alamy Red squirrels are lighter and more agile than greys so can escape from pine martens  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A new study by the University of Aberdeen found that in areas of Scotland where pine marten are present, red squirrels were found in far greater numbers.”Our study has confirmed that exposure to pine martens has a strong negative effect on grey squirrel populations, whereas the opposite effect was observed in red squirrel populations who actually benefitted from exposure to martens,” said Emma Sheehy, of Aberdeen.”Our evidence that, in addition to their intrinsic value, pine martens provide an ecosystem service by suppressing invasive grey squirrel populations is good news for both red squirrel conservation efforts and the timber growing industry, due to the detrimental impact of the invasive grey squirrel on both.” Red squirrels have been in serious decline since the North American native grey squirrel was introduced as an ornamental species in the 1870s. Not only does the grey outcompete the red, it carries a deadly pox.The UK population of reds has dropped from around 3.5 million to between 120,000 to 160,000 individuals and is thought to be as low as 15,000 in England.For the new three study, the team deployed feeders at sites across Scotland which had sticky tabs attached to capture hair from the mammals which visited. They then used DNA analysis to work out which animals were in the areas.They found that when pine martens were present, grey squirrel numbers fell and red squirrel numbers rose suggesting the larger mammals were keeping the non-native species in check.Kenny Kortland, a species ecologist for Forest Enterprise Scotland, said: “The findings of this research are extremely encouraging.“It seems we have a very welcome ally in our efforts to protect red squirrel populations on the national forest estate.“The research demonstrates that the return of native predators can have beneficial impacts for other native species.” Red squirrels could be saved by bringing back pine martens to English forests, a study has concluded.The pine marten was once the second most common carnivore in Britain but woodland clearance coupled with a drive to eradicate the predators by Victorian gamekeepers pushed the little mammal to just a few remote areas of Scotland.But a new study suggests that reintroducing the creatures could provide a natural way of eradicating grey squirrels, and allow red squirrels to re-establish their populations.Red squirrels are small and light enough to scamper to the ends of branches out of reach of hungry pine martens, but the heavier greys are slower and spend more time foraging on the woodland floor, where they are easy prey.center_img The Forestry Commission is currently deciding whether to allow the reintroduction of pine martens into the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. So far some 40 pine martens have been released from Scotland into Wales, and are being monitored with tracking devices.“The new insights emerging from this elegant study are very exciting indeed,” said a spokesman for the Forestry Commission. “Landscapes supporting pine martens could reduce the numbers of grey squirrels to the point where the damage they cause is significantly reduced or even stops.”“We are exploring the feasibility of reintroducing pine martens to the Forest of Dean working with the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, Vincent Wildlife Trust and others partners.”Christopher Sutherland of the University of Massachusetts, who carried out his doctoral work at Aberdeen added: “Our analysis suggests that we can achieve conservation objectives twice over by allowing a native species, the pine marten, to spread naturally while conserving our precious red squirrel.”We’ve potentially found an answer that doesn’t require the high cost of eradication.”The research was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The new insights emerging from this elegant study are very exciting indeed.The Forestry Commission Grey squirrels spend more time foraging on the woodland floor and are easier prey for pine marten Red squirrels are lighter and more agile than greys so can escape from pine martens Credit:Peter Trimming last_img read more

12 problems only chronically late people will understand

first_img6. You’ve got the ‘sorry I’m late’ whisper down to a teeThe small acknowledgement, the little grimace and apologetic smile. You imagine it comes across like this, making everything better: Source: FanpopIn reality, it comes across more like this:7. This text is constantly copied and pasted to angry messages in your inbox8. You overcompensate and arrive waaay too early if something is super important9. This strikes fear in your soul10. Certain words bring you immense joy, but you rarely hear them‘Delayed’, ‘postponed’ and ‘rescheduled’ all elicit extreme happiness when they land in your inbox mid late-journey.11. Dirty looks are constantly being thrown your waySometimes undeserved.Sometimes totally deserved, you HORRIBLE PERSON.12. You always are left with the WORST choicesThe early bird catches the worm and all that. Damn you all sitting down the back of the cinema, damn you all to hell.The 9 stages of sleeping through your alarm>London Overground sends cheeky Twitter reply to man running late for work> YOU WERE LATE for work this morning. People noticed.But you’re ALWAYS late, no matter how many hours you have to spare.1. Your snooze button has actually faded from over-useYou set four alarms, knowing you’ll outright ignore the first three.2. You spend more time fighting urge to get ready than actually getting readyYou’re either too calm, or just in denial. That five minute window you waste away on Facebook causes a domino effect of lateness, EVERY. TIME.3. Your very existence becomes a web of lies you can never escape from“I lost my keys and then my door broke and then I was summoned into the sky by aliens and then”… NO.You’re just out of the shower, you won’t be five minutes and you know it. You’re not even five minutes away from putting down the phone. Source: Shutterstock4. You’ll never know what it feels like to arrive somewhere not looking and feeling like a sweaty mess5. ‘Waiting’ for public transport is a myth to youBuses never come on time? No, they always drive by just as you’re approaching.Taxi again, so.When you decide to leg it, slow walkers are your ultimate nemesis. Don’t they have places to BE?last_img read more

Eight appear before court after gardaí arrest 38 in huge drugs crackdown

first_imgEight appear before court after gardaí arrest 38 in huge drugs crackdown in the southeast A further five people have been charged and will appear before Carlow District Court at a later date. 23,718 Views By Darragh Peter Murphy Wednesday 30 Nov 2016, 11:45 AM Short URL Updated 11.39amGARDAÍ HAVE CHARGED 13 people in connection with a huge ongoing operation in the southeast.All told, 38 people have been arrested in Kilkenny and Carlow in relation to supply and sale of drugs, in an operation entitled Operation Clave.Eight people are due to appear before a special sitting of Carlow District Court this morning, at 11am. They remain in Garda custody.A further five people charged in connection with the investigation have been released from Garda custody and are due to appear before Carlow District Court at a later date.As part of Operation Clave, 38 people have been arrested and detained in various Garda stations across the Kilkenny/Carlow Division.The arrests involve 97 offences concerning Section 15 of the Misuse of Drugs Act.Controlled drugs with a combined total in excess of €50,000, a firearm (air pistol), stun gun and pepper spray were also seized in planned searches during the operation.Operation Clave is being run in the Kilkenny/Carlow Division with the assistance of a ‘test purchasing unit’ from the Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau.As part of yesterday’s operation 50 gardaí were briefed by Superintendent Redmond at Carlow Garda Station at midday.The aim was to search, arrest and detain targets from Carlow.Some 14 premises across County Carlow were searched in yesterday’s operation.Comments are closed for legal reasons. With reporting from Orla Ryan.Read: Arrests climb to 45 following huge Garda operation in CarlowRead: 34 people now arrested in huge drugs crackdown in Carlow and Kilkenny Share60 Tweet Email center_img File photo Image: Shutterstock/vchal No Comments File photo Nov 30th 2016, 11:45 AM Image: Shutterstock/vchal Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Really encouraging Reaction to change in Garda uniform to allow wearing of

first_img “We also know that we need to become a much more diverse organisation so that we properly reflect the society we serve. That’s why our campaign is focusing on people who might not have previously considered a career as a Garda member,” Harris said. “We want to encourage people from all walks of life to join us. We are looking for diversity not only in background, but also in skills,” he said. ‘Step towards integration’The Muslims Sisters of Éire said it wishes to “acknowledge and celebrate” the decision that the wearing of the turban and the hijab will be allowed. “It is a step towards integration and societal cohesion when our policing forces are welcome to visually represent people of all backgrounds, faiths and none,” the group said.  25,159 Views ‘Really encouraging’: Reaction to change in Garda uniform to allow wearing of turbans and hijabs The decision comes alongside a new recruitment drive for gardaí. Garda Trainee Recruitment: We are looking for people who thrive on keeping people safe. Policing is a highly rewarding career where every day you can make a difference to the lives of individuals and communities.— Garda Info (@gardainfo) April 4, 2019 Apr 4th 2019, 5:32 PM By Hayley Halpin THE DECISION TO allow alterations be made to the garda uniform for religious and ethnic reasons has been welcomed by a number of groups today. Under the changes, gardaí will allow the wearing of the turban for members of the Sikh community and the hijab for Muslims.An Garda Síochána said it has identified such matters as a major barrier to some people considering becoming a Garda member. The decision made by Garda Commissioner Drew Harris comes as the force today opened a recruitment competition for Garda trainees, which will remain open until 3pm on 24 April.The recruitment drive is being advertised under the slogan ‘The Difference is You’. Thursday 4 Apr 2019, 5:28 PM 97 Comments Source: Garda Info/Twitter Share59 Tweet Email3 Especially in times of increasing tear towards Muslims, welcoming Muslim gardaí force members to keep their religious attire can greatly assist in irradiating Islamophobic attitudes and discrimination towards people of faith. The Immigrant Council of Ireland tweeted that the decision is “really encouraging news”.Meanwhile, the Garda Representative Association (GRA) has described Harris’ decision as a “useful measure”. “We welcome any reasonable measure such as the relaxation of rules on uniform to facilitate recruitment of people from non-Christian backgrounds – and are open to other approaches for bringing people born outside Ireland into the force irrespective of their religion or ethnicity,” GRA General Secretary Pat Ennis said. The new approach being taken by An Garda Síochána is in line with that adopted by police services such as the PSNI, Police Scotland, New Zealand Police, NYPD, and other police services in UK, Australia and Canada.An Garda Síochána is also carrying out research with communities who are under-represented in the force to identify what more the organisation needs to do to encourage them to join either as a Garda member, Garda staff or Garda reserve. Garda trainee candidates can apply on until 3pm on 24 April. Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Anonymous MP advised to reveal identity

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram On Wednesday, Justice Minister Miltiadis Papaioannou called on an unnamed MP who is alleged to have transferred one million euros to a bank account abroad to step forward or face the possibility that the government would reveal his or her identity. “There is a need for the MPs name to be made public,” said the minister. “It is best if the deputy does so on their own ,but in any case, the state will make every legal effort for the name to be published.” Papaioannou made the comment after a public official revealed to a parliamentary committee on Monday that the deputy had made the transaction. According to the head of Greece’s anti-money laundering agency, Panagiotis Nikoloudis, the unidentified lawmaker removed the cash from the country in May, at a time when authorities were appealing to Greek citizens not to panic and empty their bank accounts. The MP seems to have transferred the money abroad legally, Nikoloudis said. The revelation prompted some MPs to demand that the colleague who transferred the money abroad be identified publicly. Six PASOK MPs were the first to submit an official request to Parliament Speaker Filippos Petsalnikos to name the lawmaker. Several other deputies later added their voices to those calling for the naming and shaming of the MP. Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Parents encouraged to tap into Jamaica Cancer Society programmes to prevent youth

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppKingston, Jamaica, January 4, 2017 – The Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS) is encouraging Jamaicans, particularly parents, guardians, teachers and counsellors to tap into its programmes that have been implemented to assist with the prevention and cessation of youth smoking.   In an interview with JIS News, Executive Director of the JCS, Yulit Gordon, highlighted two programmes that the organization has embarked on to deter young people from smoking.The Fresh Start Smoking Cessation Programme is one that is offered by the JCS in association with the American Cancer Society to help smokers quit.   “This is a comprehensive four-session group based course that covers topics such as Nicotine Addiction, Managing Withdrawal Symptoms, Weight Control, Stress Management, Recognizing and Planning for Possible Obstacles to Quitting, Staying Tobacco Free and Enjoying Being a Non-smoker,” she explained.  In addition, she said that an Anti-Tobacco Youth Forum has been established to target Jamaican high school students, to educate them on the dangers of smoking.The forum, which is held in February each year, seeks to educate the youth about the harmful effects of tobacco smoking which kills more than five million people each year.  A wide variety of presentations are made to the students and teachers who attend to increase their knowledge of the effects of tobacco smoking.Past presenters include Pulmonologists, officials from the Caribbean Public Health Association (CARPHA), counselling psychologists and representatives from the Tobacco Control project.  Presenters have used material from the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Biology syllabus, in an effort to allow students to make the connection with what they have been taught in school, as well as to clarify any myths associated with tobacco-related illnesses.Meanwhile, Mrs. Gordon outlined the dangers of smoking by young people, explaining that the short-term health consequences of smoking include respiratory and non-respiratory effects, addiction to nicotine, and the associated risk of other substance abuse.  “The long-term health consequences of youth smoking are manifested in the fact that most young people who smoke regularly continue to smoke throughout their adult years,” she said.She added that tobacco can affect youth activities and athletic performance as it narrows blood vessels and puts a strain on the heart.  It also leads to a lack of oxygen and shortness of breath she said, while pointing out that it has been proven that athletes who smoke do not perform as well as those who do not.The JCS is encouraging persons to get informed about the dangers of smoking and its effect on the health and well-being of their children and students.   “It is also important to make time to communicate with them on matters of peer pressure, stress relating to relationships and challenges in the home which go unresolved.  These are all matters which may lead a young person to start smoking. Unfortunately, many young persons are under the mistaken impression that cigarettes eliminate stress,” she warns.The Executive Director encourages students to seek help from their parents and teachers to resolve any issues that they may be facing and not turn to smoking for answers.  Statistics provided by the JCS show that approximately 80,000 young people across the world become addicted to tobacco each day.  According to the Executive Director, public education is imperative, as an alarming 600,000 second-hand smokers die each year, inclusive of 165,000 children. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:center_img Photo credit: Jamaica Observerlast_img read more

ASA Opposes Hawaiian CountyLevel Ordinance Restricting Biotechnology

first_imgIn comments submitted today to the County Council of Kauai County in Hawaii, ASA urged the rejection of a proposed county ordinance that would, among other things, place a ban on the use and production of products derived from biotechnology, as well as ban the open air testing of pesticides and place stringent restrictions on the use of pesticides in certain settings. While soybeans are not cultivated commercially in Hawaii, the state is a critical research market for seed and technology providers that serve the soybean industry as well as other industries within agriculture.“ASA urges the Council to reject Ordinance 2491 because of the negative impacts its passage would have on the ability of seed and technology companies to develop both conventional and biotechnology crops, and the resultant negative impacts on farmer access to improved seed technologies,” wrote ASA in its comments. “As you know, Kaua’i is an important year-round growing location where many of the world’s leading seed and technology companies develop and grow crops in order to expand elite seed that then is used by farmers. The restrictions in Ordinance 2491 would bring a halt to such activities in Kaua’i, thereby slowing the development of higher-yielding, pest-resistant, and more nutritious crops.”The Kauai County Council will hold a public hearing on the ordinance at 6:30 p.m. CDT on July 31.last_img read more

National Democratic panel to spend 650000 on TV ads for Heck

first_imgThe Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reserved at least $650,000 worth of TV air time for Denny Heck campaign commercials over the next eight weeks, the committee’s chairman confirmed Wednesday.U.S. Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., who chairs the DCCC and also serves as assistant House speaker, stopped off in Vancouver during a visit to the Northwest to promote Democratic candidates for Congress. He said the party is committed to spending “tens of millions of dollars” nationwide and to helping Heck defeat Republican Jaime Herrera in the race for the open 3rd Congressional District seat. “We see it as a competitive campaign that’s representative of races we see around the country,” Van Hollen said. “We believe Denny is a terrific candidate. In terms of doing everything we can to support his operation, we’ve reserved some TV time for him.”Van Hollen said it’s important that voters understand who is paying for the political ads they see on TV this election season.For example, he said, the conservative organization Americans for Prosperity, which recently bought $180,000 worth of TV ads supporting Herrera, is backed by Koch Industries, one of the nation’s largest and wealthiest companies, whose owners have benefited greatly from what he called “these perverse tax breaks” that reward companies for shipping American jobs overseas.Voters need to ask candidates if they agree with the political agendas of organizations that spend money independently on behalf of their campaigns, Van Hollen said.last_img read more

Kenai Peninsula Food Bank Needs Help Stocking Shelves For The Holidays

first_imgThe Kenai Peninsula Food Bank has recently noted a 13% increase of households in need of food, and as the food bank continues to help they are in need of donations from the community. The Food Bank will also be hosting their annual Thanksgiving dinner. Meyer: “Our Thanksgiving dinner this year, in the Fireweed Diner, is on November 21. That’ll be the day before Thanksgiving from 11:30-2:30, and all are welcome.”  For the month of November Safeway has been promoting the Carrs/Safeway Hunger Bags Food Drive. The “Buy a Bag” food drive, is where shoppers can purchase a bag of groceries that will be donated to the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank. Meyer: “There are a number of food drives going on in the community right now. A number of businesses are hosting and collecting food items right now.”  Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Thanksgiving is just one week away and there are a few ways to get out and help fellow community members before the holiday. Kenai Peninsula Food Bank Director Greg Meyer: “Right now we actually have very bare shelves, and we are in desperate need of donations of non-perishable items. We are putting together Thanksgiving boxes for families that we will distribute next week we have the turkeys and dressing covered, but we need the other things that will go along with the meal.”  Food or cash donations can be dropped off at the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank during regular business hours.last_img read more

Apple announces new streaming music service

first_img Apple has entered the music streaming market with Apple Music, a service built on Beats Music to rival Spotify and which includes unlimited streaming, a new, 24-hour online radio station and a social network.Announced in front of 6,000 developers at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote in San Francisco, Apples music-streaming service is part of an update to the iOS Music player for iPhone and iPad, and lets users stream an unlimited amount of music to their Mac or iOS device, as well as their PC and even Android smartphone.Apple will bundle the streaming service with iOS 8.4, an update which will arrive on the iPhone and iPad in June; it will be available for Mac and PC through an iTunes software update this month, and also as an Android app later in the year.Apple Music will costs $9.99 per month, or Apple will also offer a $14.99 family account which can be used by up to six people, each with their own Music account.To try and lure in customers Apple will be offering a free three-month trial. The iPhone maker will not be offering a free versions supported by adverts, meaning there will be pressure on getting iTunes customers to pay up. IBTimes UK is waiting for information on UK pricing, but Apple said the service will launch in over 100 countriesTrent Reznor said in a promotional video for Apple Music that the philosophy of the service is to treat music less like digital bits and more like the art that it is.Find music with SiriSiri integration means you can quickly finds tracks and artists, but also ask for the current charts, and even historical charts – ask for the best-selling song of 1982, for example, and Siri will start playing it immediately. You can also request music by saying play the song from [a film or TV show].The new streaming service fits within the pre-existing iOS music app, so your purchased music can be searched alongside music offered on-demand. Of course, music can still be bought from the iTunes Store.Theres a new tab called For You which recommends music based on algorithms created by what you already own and listen to, but also music from playlists curated by humans based on genre or activity – such as a fast-paced playlist to use in the gym. Iovine says the app serves up the right song, the right playlist at the right moment – all on demand.Last to the streaming party – but Apple will be last to leaveStrategy Analytics analyst Mike Goodman said: For once, Apple is later for this party but, with support from the big labels, it could be the last to leave.Apples timing may be spot-on, as in 2015 streaming is expected to account for 30% of total music revenue, compared to 46% for physical sales and 24% for digital downloads from places like the iTunes Store. Streaming revenue for 2015 is forecast by Strategy Analytics to be up by 21.1% on last year, compared to a 2.2% gain for digital downloads and a 8.5% decline for physical sales.Of the $1.8 billion (£1.17bn) in revenue to be generated by streaming music services this year, an estimated 66% will be from paid subscriptions like Apples, while just 34% will come from free, ad-supported alternatives.Beats One – a new, live radio stationBeats One broadcasts online from from New York, Los Angeles and London, and Iovine described it as: The first ever 24-hour, worldwide radio station…broadcast from three cities which plays music not based on research, or genre or drum beats – but only music that is great and feels great.Former BBC Radio One DJ Zane Lowe has helped to create the Beats One station and promises it will be much more than just another station. We have real music fans running this place…and incredible artists in the studio right now creating incredible radio shows that will blow your mind.ConnectApple describes Connect as a fantastic way for established and new, unsigned artists to connect with music lovers everywhere…when you upload your music to Apple Music, anything can happen.Connect is a place where artists can upload content for their fans to see and hear. An artists profile page is a place to post images, videos and posts; rather than being a new social network, Connect integrates with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where Connect posts can be shared and liked.Other content expected to be shared by artists on Connect includes footage of studio sets and other exclusive content. This is also a place where unsigned artists can be discovered.Apples timing is ripeGoodman added: The timing is ripe. The license deal the record labels were locked into with Spotify expire this year, so Apples move gives the record labels much greater leverage in their negotiations. This is the chink in the dragons armor that Apple can target.He estimates Apple could grab a 9% slice of the £1 billion global music streaming market in 2016.Andy Saxton, consumer retail analyst at Kantar Worldpanel, said: There is definitely an appetite among iTunes users for this kind of service – over 20% of them already stream, compared to 14% on average. Yet with nearly three quarters currently using Spotify, the challenge for Apple will be to convert these consumers to its own platform.Apple has the unique advantage of direct access to nearly 15 million iOS devices, but if it looks to boost revenue by omitting the free platform offered by competitors then it risks limiting uptake, as only a quarter of streaming users currently pay for their subscriptions.Spotify responseAnd what did Spotify CEO Daniel Ek think of Apple Music? Here is his response on Twitter (which has since been deleted): Closelast_img read more

Five Afghan police killed in Taliban suicide attack

first_imgAfghan policemen walk at the site of a suicide bombing attack on the police headquarters in Gardez, capital of Paktia province. Photo: AFPAt least five Afghan policemen were killed and 15 people injured in a suicide bomb and gun attack by Taliban insurgents on the police headquarters in an eastern city Sunday, authorities said.The assault on the headquarters in Gardez, which was still continuing, was launched at 6:00 am, said the regional police commander, Asadullah Shirzad.Five civilians were among the wounded.One of the five attackers was still holding out more than five hours after the coordinated assault began, Shirzad said.“The first attacker blew up his vehicle at the entrance to the headquarters, opening the way for two others who opened fire on security forces, and another suicide bomber was shot dead,” he said.The head of the police hospital, Dr Shir Mohammad, confirmed the casualty toll.The spokesman for the Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, claimed responsibility for the attack in a communique.last_img read more

Phone calls with family led to Bulluks arrest say police

first_imgKolkata: Zakir Bulluk, a local CPI(M) leader and the mastermind behind the Amdanga violence, talked to his family members from his hideout in Rajasthan several times by using his mobile phone, which led to his arrest, a senior police officer from North 24-Parganas said.While being at large, Bulluk had not only switched off his cell phone, but also removed the SIM card. However, he later inserted the SIM card into his phone 2-3 times while calling his family members. This helped the police to track Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifehim.Three persons, including two Trinamool Congress activists, were killed when they were attacked by CPI(M)-backed goons in Amdanga last month.It may be mentioned here that Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee had visited the spot following the incident and assured the family members of the victims that the main accused would be arrested. Banerjee had also said that stern action will be taken against all those who were behind the attack.Bulluk has already been remanded in police custody after being brought to the city from Ajmer in Rajasthan. A team of the district police arrested the accused from a hotel at Ajmer, with the help of Rajasthan police. He was brought back to the city in a transit remand. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedDuring interrogation, the police came to know that Bulluk had visited some places in Maharashtra before going to Rajasthan, where he had taken shelter.Police said that they were tracking his mobile phone ever since the incident took place, but failed to make any breakthrough, until the investigating officers finally came to know about his presence at Ajmer.It has been learnt that the accused has admitted to his crime and told the police how he had stored huge amounts of bombs in the area to trigger violence. The local CPI(M) leader had tried to unleash a reign of terror by taking control over the area. He had also chalked out a master plan on how to attack some local Trinamool Congress leaders.Accordingly, local CPI(M)-backed goons had hurled bombs at the Trinamool Congress activists.Police said that the accused was adept in tying bombs and was also involved in various anti-social activities.It may be mentioned here that three persons were killed and at least 28 others were injured in a clash that broke out between the supporters of Trinamool Congress and CPI(M), in August. The district police have so far arrested 32 persons in this connection.last_img read more

Patrick Mahomes Unleashed An Absolute Freakshow Training Camp TD Pass

first_img Advertisement After effortlessly throwing a football out of Arrowhead Stadium a couple weeks ago, Patrick Mahomes unleashed another freakshow bomb during Chiefs practice today.On this play, Mahomes scraps the play and instead opts to roll out right and throw an off balance 50-yard rainbow TD pass to right on the money to Mecole Hardman.Mahomes is the Happy Gilmore of NFL quarterbacks. Also, the camera angle here is phenomenal.Crowd went nuts for this: @PatrickMahomes to @MecoleHardman4 – and DEEP 🚀— TOM MARTIN (@TomKCTV5) August 2, 2019last_img

Who Watches the Watchmen

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You might recognize this article’s title as an important question posed in Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel, “Watchmen.” If you’re unfamiliar with the novel, this line examines what happens when heroes (the Watchmen) are left unchecked. What happens when one of them goes rogue and can’t stopped? It’s fundamentally a call for a checks and balances approach — one that applies to various aspects of life and business.For a tech-focused example of the need for “watchers,” consider a typical IT department’s system management tool. These tools are used by IT departments of all sizes, from small start-ups to larger early-stage firms with explosive growth. These tools are similar to a hero protecting citizens, but in this case it’s a company’s valuable data requiring protection. But what happens if the tool itself is compromised or malfunctions? Who watches the performance of the tool when the tool itself is designed to do the watching?Related: When It Comes to Adopting the Cloud, You’ve Got to Secure Company DataThis is a question many businesses face when using agent-based solutions. If the agent is compromised and backdoor access is gained through the agent, then what happens to the network? Are there measures in place to mitigate the branding disaster that could follow? For some context, an agent is software that runs on a system and sends information to a central location for use by another program or service. Agentless solutions still collect the necessary data, but use the previously installed software instead of installing and maintaining software on every machine in the network.The problem of unauthorized access or comprised agents is not simply a theoretical scenario. Recently, Panda Security and Symantec Altiris IT Management Suite (ITMS) had emergency patches released for their agent-based endpoint management software. Both clients had vulnerabilities in the agents that enabled unauthorized access to installed networks. It gave unauthorized users the ability to access system-level privileges, effectively controlling the system management tool undetected.Related: 3 Simple Precautions for Protecting Your Personal Data in the CloudSo what’s the solution for detecting and properly managing system management tools? Or as Alan Moore so eloquently puts it, “who watches the watchmen?”As always, some of the responsibility falls to IT managers, but it’s a tall order when you’re entrusting the solution to perform a certain way and it misbehaves unexpectedly. It’s this unpredictability that explains why agentless technologies are gaining traction in the market.Here’s four core benefits of an agentless cloud-based approach when applied to system management:Extreme flexibility because they allow management globally through simple Web browsersHassle-free software distributionControlled and safe software updates through patch managementReduced need for resources to manage or maintain an agent at various endpointsUnder an agentless model the functionality remains the same, but there is no footprint left once the assigned tasks are complete. There’s nothing installed on the endpoint, which removes access points that outside elements could use to gain control. It’s similar to another comic hero — Batman. When there’s a need for him he appears and cleans up crime, but when the job is done he fades away into Bruce Wayne. Agentless technologies do the same thing – they get the job done when the need arises, but don’t stay longer than necessary and potentially ruin a smooth running situation.Related: The Top 5 Cloud IT Challenges Facing Businesses in 2015Heroes without villains are just people in costumes. Agents without active management are just extra vulnerabilities. So why not get the best of both with an agentless system management tool? A solution that does its job without sticking around longer than it’s needed. Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global July 19, 2016last_img read more

Piranhas and crocs are nothing compared to what lurks at the bottom

first_img Tuesday, March 13, 2018 CROSBY, MN — There are pranks that make you laugh out loud, and then there are those that give you a full-out heart attack.This is definitely the latter.Artist Curtis Lahr is giving divers the fright of their lives with a nightmarish art installation that can only be seen 120 feet below water. Located at the bottom of a popular dive site in Crosby, Minnesota, his horrific art piece is actually a statue of ‘Jason Vorhees’, the goalie mask-wearing serial killer from the ‘Friday the 13th’ film franchise.The terrifying statue, which has been chained to the lake bed, was actually installed back in 2013. But thanks to YouTube and Reddit, where videos of the Jason doppelganger have been making the rounds in recent weeks, interest for Lahr’s piece has resurfaced.In a video taken last year, the statue shows some wear and tear due to its watery grave. But this (coupled with super-creepy music) only makes it that much more terrifying!More news:  Beep, beep! Transat hits the streets with Cubamania truckWe doubt Minnesota, known as “The Land of 10,000 Lakes”, could have ever predicted this new and terrifying attraction. But we have to admit, even for the faint of heart, a masked, demented killer at the bottom of a lake is definitely a tourist draw. << Previous PostNext Post >> Posted by Travelweek Group center_img Share Piranhas and crocs are nothing compared to what lurks at the bottom of this Minnesota lake Tags: Video, WTFlast_img read more