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Doctor Who’s ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ included in Oxford Dictionary

first_img“The ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ is defined as: ‘a (hand-held) electronic device which uses sound waves to perform various mechanical and technical functions. Originally and chiefly in (or in reference to) the British television series Doctor Who.’”Oxford Doctor Who Society President James Ashworth commented: “We at the Doctor Who Society are very pleased that the Sonic Screwdriver will finally be materialising in the OED ahead of its 50th Birthday next year. “Now, when someone asks what that thingy the Doctor uses is called, the OED will give them the answer!”Other Whovian words to be inducted into the OED ‘TARDIS’, ‘Dalek’ and ‘Cyberman’. While it has been a device synonymous with the Doctor for five decades, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has finally included ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ in its latest edition.It first appeared in the show in 1968 during ‘Fury from the Deep’ with second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, when he used it to open a hatch on a gas pipeline.The addition coincides with the premiere of tenth season of the show on Saturday, 15 April.According to a post in the OxfordWords blog: “Although the revised, third-edition text of the OED entry for sonic adj. won’t be published until June, we can travel forward in time to take a sneak peek at this Whovian entry ahead of Doctor Who’s Series 10 premiere, ‘The Pilot’.last_img read more

The Voters Say No to Obama And Yes To America

first_img.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare The Voters Say No To Obama And Yes To AmericaBy Richard Moss MDThe American People rose up to change the direction of the country and put an end to the wrecking ball presidency of our first half black President, Barack Hussein Obama.  They rose up to say No to Obama and his surrogate Hillary Clinton who would have continued his legacy.  They said No to the Democrat Party, the media, campus radicals, and the cultural elite that insult them as racists, bigots, and homophobes. They said No to the assault on American values and culture, identity politics, and political correctness.  They said No to the smearing of our police, the burning of our cities, and waves of unassimilated immigrants crossing our borders.  They said no to a Supreme Court packed with leftist ideologues.  They said No to radical feminism and its assault on family and marriage, to abortion on demand and transgendered bathrooms.  They said No to a social engineered and demoralized military, the appeasement of our enemies, the pathetic Obama economy, and the war on fossil fuels.The country was at the precipice.  A 16-year Obama-Hillary continuum would have permanently wrecked the American experiment, ended unalienable rights, liberty, and the Constitutional system.  In its place would have come incremental tyranny, rule by an imperial President and his panels of bureaucrat masterminds who would decide our fates. American style free market capitalism, with its dazzling achievements and innovations, the creation of unprecedented wealth for Americans, would also have grinded down as we pursued the socialist valleys of no growth Europe.With the election of Donald Trump, the nation pulled back from the precipice that it may live once more.  Against the odds, with the full weight of the Sovietized media, the Academy, the millionaire Marxists in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street arrayed against him, Trump, the non PC firebrand who broke all the rules, gave life and meaning to the forgotten man, pulled out an upset victory – and saved the nation.Wave Republican elections have dogged Obama, our first anti-American, affirmative action President, a radical leftist who wanted to fundamentally transform the nation. This election was the third act of a trilogy.  Each of the three acts was a referendum on Obama. The first act occurred in 2010 when the Republicans took the House, the year of Obamacare and the Tea Party.  Then, 2014, when the GOP took the Senate and overwhelming majorities of State Houses and Governors.  In 2016 Republicans held the House and Senate and took the Presidency.  They expanded their dominance at the state level and now have monopoly control of the federal government in Washington.  At every level, the American people have rejected the radical leftism of Obama.And because Obama had a pen and a phone and couldn’t be bothered to pass legislation through Congress, he ruled instead by executive order.  But lacking a statutory basis to so much of his agenda, from open borders amnesty to the Iran Nuclear deal, his legacy can just as easily be undone by the same pen, phone, and executive order of President Donald J. Trump.  The Obama legacy depended on a Hillary victory.  Absent that victory, rather than a legacy, there will be only the ash heap of history.Before the election, we thought we already lived in Obama’s America and that victory for the left was inevitable.  We had been deluded by the media into believing the America we loved no longer existed.  Obama’s America was becoming the next great third world nation.  The hated white majority would shrink into oblivion.  Christianity would also vanish, as would the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Free market capitalism would finally be vanquished, replaced by brilliant central planners who would manage the economy, the nation, and our lives.But something else happened.  The phony pundits, pollsters, and media were wrong.  The victory of Obama’s America died, and the Trump movement prevailed.  The forgotten man and woman, the loathed white working class, and others, the gun owner and churchgoer, the family man, the taxpayer, the backbone of the country rose up.  They launched a revolution to halt the counter-revolution of the progressive left, to restore the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  They repudiated the Obama legacy of division, hate, and fundamental transformation of the nation.  They dismissed Obama as irrelevant.  He was not a God after all, only a mortal. History will see him as a self obsessed, small-minded demagogue and agitator, an American Castro, a painful blip and aberration in the annals of time.The voters said Yes to America and a second American Revolution to beat back the counter-revolution of the “Progressive” left and restore the Republic.  Donald Trump and his movement saved the nation from a dark fate and gave us a second chance to live and prosper again.November 12 2016Brief Bio: Richard Moss MD is a practicing Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, author, and columnist who resides in Jasper IN.  He recently lost his bid for the Republican nomination for Congress in Indiana’s 8th district. Find more of his essays and blog posts at  Also find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagramlast_img read more

Seed pricing

first_imgPine nuts: The problem of shorter supply out of China has been exacerbated by the ending of any volumes being allowed to be imported from neighbouring former Soviet Union states, leaving China stranded, with insufficient stocks to meet its existing and new forward demand. We would advise manufacturers to reverse any new product development involving pine nuts, as supply will be tricky at best. Any forward contracts into the UK trade will be a nightmare to fulfil and it may end up cheaper to buy a retail pack off the shelves than to buy a bulk container from China.Pumpkin seeds: Although supply from China this year was widely reported as being nearly 40% down on the previous year, compounded by the currency effect, which effectively doubled prices year-on-year, prices have now stabilised, although this reprieve may not be the start of a price decline.Sunflower seeds: Chinese sunflower seeds are in good supply. Although UK prices have firmed due to a weak sterling, the commodity itself has weakened, both to reflect stronger supply as well as a reduction within the edible oils markets – in which sunflowers are a prominent player. Forward pricing on sunflower seeds should remain quite stable and trade within a narrow range.l Based on information provided by ingredients supplier RM Curtislast_img read more

News story: Secretary of State statement following meetings with NI Political parties

first_img The right way forward is stable, fully functioning, inclusive devolved government. Following the meetings, Mrs Bradley said: As the current impasse continues, public services are suffering. Local decision-making is urgently needed to address this. Last week I set out the Government’s clear plan to bring that about and today was the first step in that process. I will continue engagement over the next days and weeks ahead of legislation to support the ongoing delivery of public services in Northern Ireland. Devolved government is in the best interests of Northern Ireland and this is what I am determined to deliver.last_img

STS9 Adds Seventeen Dates To Fall Tour In Support Of Their Upcoming Album

first_imgGet pumped STS9 fans, your favorite band is hitting the road this fall! The jamtronica stalwarts will be hitting the Midwest and East Coast to promote their upcoming album The Universe Inside. Read more about the album, which will be released on September 2, here.The tour will start off in Minneapolis, MN at the Skyway Theatre and will wind its way towards New York for a tour-closing show at Terminal 5. In between, the band will hit venues like the Orpheum Theater in Madison, WI, The NorVa in Norfolk, VA, and The Fillmore in Philadlphia, PA. The band will make high-profile appearances at both Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans, and Suwanee Hulaween in Live Oak, FL, as well as a few larger shows at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, TN and the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville, NC. Of course, the band will return to the Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA for a sure-to-be-raging Halloween show on 10/31.See below for the new tour dates, and click here for more information on each show. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am, local time.last_img read more

Radon test kits available from UGA Cooperative Extension

first_imgWith many Georgians spending more time at home, it’s important to monitor your home’s indoor air quality.Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and the second-leading cause of lung cancer overall.Radon levels are highest in the cooler months and can concentrate to dangerous levels indoors. This year, more than 800 Georgia residents will die of radon-related lung cancer. These deaths are preventable.“The best thing you can do is test your home,” says Pamela Turner, a University of Georgia professor and UGA Cooperative Extension specialist. “Radon is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas, so testing is the only way to know if the radon gas level in your home is high.”Testing your home for radon is easy and inexpensive with a kit from UGA Extension.Each kit purchased from UGA Extension at in November will come with a voucher for a free kit that can be shared with another Georgia resident.Non-Georgia residents should visit to find their local state radon program contact information.last_img read more

SBA re-launches vehicle dealer program, loan size increased to $5 million

first_imgBorrowers interested in obtaining a DFP loan should contact their lender or their nearest SBA field office to get a list of SBA-approved lenders in their area who may be participating in the program.  Local district offices and contact information, as well as information on this and other SBA programs and resources, can be found at is external) or by calling the SBA Answer Desk at 1-800-U-ASK-SBA or TDD 704-344-6640. A pilot loan program aimed at increasing access to inventory financing for auto, boat, RV and other dealerships will be re-launched Tuesday (2/8) and will be effective through Sept. 30, 2013, the U.S. Small Business Administration announced today.The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 included a provision for re-launching SBA’s Dealer Floor Plan (DFP) Pilot Loan program, which first became available in July 2009.  The pilot is part of the SBA’s overall 7(a) loan guarantee program. The Jobs Act also increased the maximum size for 7(a) loans to $5 million, up from $2 million, which includes loans made through the DFP pilot program.‘As a result of the credit crunch in late 2008 and early 2009, dealerships saw a significant decline in the availability of this type of inventory financing,’ SBA Deputy Administrator Marie Johns said. ‘SBA’s original DFP pilot program was launched as a way to expand the availability of floor plan financing and the Jobs Act added further enhancements to that program, including allowing for larger loan sizes.‘Dealerships are a cornerstone of local business communities,’ Johns continued. ‘As we continue to see our economy recover, the re-launch of this pilot provides another tool, alongside SBA’s other programs, to help them succeed and create jobs in their local communities.’The rules and regulations for the pilot will be available Tuesday on the website of The Federal Register, and in print editions on Wednesday.  A procedural guide to the program will be posted on the SBA website at: is external).Floor plan financing is a revolving line of credit that allows a dealership to obtain financing through SBA’s 7(a) program for inventory that can be titled, such as autos, RVs, manufactured homes, boats and trailers.  As each piece of collateral is sold by the dealer, the loan advance against that piece of collateral is repaid. As the loan is repaid, the dealer can borrow against the line of credit to add new inventory.The program is available to qualifying small businesses, including new and used automobile, motorcycle, RV, manufactured homes and boat dealers.  SBA has issued a new maximum alternative size standard to allow businesses with $15 million net worth and $5 million in net income measured over two years to have access to the program. All SBA-approved lenders may make DFP loans.  Lenders with more than $1 billion of floor plan lines of credit in their current portfolios may apply for delegated authority, which would expedite the lending process.last_img read more

Weekend Pick: Myrtle Beach Marathon

first_imgThe 17th annual Myrtle Beach Marathon is this Saturday, February 15, at 6:30 a.m. If you’re looking for a flat and fast 26.2 miles then this is your race! With a beautiful course that follows along the awe-inspiring Atlantic Ocean, you’ll wind your way through the famous Million Dollar Mile. This is a perfect course for your friends and family to get involved.The entry fee for the marathon is $125. The Runner’s Expo, which is at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, is where you’ll be able to collect bibs, t-shirts, and race info. It’ll be open on Thursday from 5-9pm and Friday from 11am-9pm.For those looking to run a little less, there are a number of options. On Friday, there will be a Neon Night 5K and Ripley’s Family Fun Run. The Dasani Half Marathon takes place on Saturday, starting at the same time as the full.All participants can enjoy a post-race party at the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach where there will be free food and refreshments from 5-7pm. Tickets for guests and non-participants are $20. Awards and trophies will be available for pick-up at this event.The Myrtle Beach Marathon, and all associated events, are produced entirely by volunteers. On race weekend, more than 1,000 volunteers are needed to aid participants in many different ways from registration, shirt hand-out, water, food and aid stations to the finish line. All volunteers receive a free Volunteer T-shirt, free entrance, food and beverage at one of the two post race parties, and the grateful thanks of the Marathon Committee and all participants. If you would like to volunteer and help us make this a memorable event for all participants, please click here. We are constantly updating and adding new volunteer opportunities.last_img read more

December 1, 2003 News and Notes

first_img December 1, 2003 Regular News December 1, 2003 News and Notes Catherine B. Parks of Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A., Miami, has been elected vice chair of the Florida Local Advocacy Council, Mental Health Committee, District 11. Alex Villamanan of Villamanan & Babinsky, P.A., Miami, presented “Protecting Your Criminal Rights” at E.F. International School of English, in Miami Beach. Robert D. Pritt of Roetzel & Andress, Naples, has been named outstanding municipal attorney of the year by The Florida Municipal Attorney’s Association. Dennis J. Wall of Orlando has written the 2003 supplement to Litigation and Prevention of Insurer Bad Faith, Second Edition, published by WestGroup. Joseph A. Napoli was named Outstanding Volunteer Attorney for 2003 by the board of the Executive Service Corps of Western Pennsylvania. Christopher R. Eck, Broward County historic preservation officer and historical commission administrator, has been elected to serve as a board member for the Stranahan House historic site in Ft. Lauderdale. David C. Goodwin, of counsel with Akerman Senterfitt, spoke at the “Practical Guide to Federal Court Rules and Procedure” seminar in Miami. David C. Willis of Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell, P.A., has been elected president of the Edgewood City Council. Allison R. Day of Genovese, Joblove & Battista, recently spoke at the ABC seminar, sponsored by The Florida Bar Business Law Section Bankruptcy UCC Committee. Robin I. Cohen of Shapiro, Blasi & Wasserman, P.A., Boca Raton, spoke on behalf of newly appointed attorneys at an induction ceremony at the Fourth District Court of Appeal. Steven M. Ziegler of Hollywood recently spoke about the new medical malpractice tort reform bill and its expected effect on managed care liability in Florida at the Marsh Healthcare Forum in Colorado Springs Dale R. Hightower of Hightower, Weiser & Pozo, P.A., spoke in Orlando on the topic of trial and settlement of uninsured motorist actions. Wm. Reece Smith, Jr., of Carlton Fields, P.A., was honored with The Spirit of Philanthropy Award at a reception given by Bay Area Legal Services in Tampa. Roy E. Dean, of counsel to Judd, Shea, Ulrich, Oravec, Wood & Dean, P.A., Sarasota, has been installed as president of the Judge John M. Scheb American Inn of Court, which promotes legal excellence, civility, professionalism, and ethics in the practice of law. Greg Snell of Rice, Rose & Snell, Daytona Beach, was a guest on the television show “Legal Hotline” on WCEU Channel 15. He answered employment law questions from callers and members of the studio audience. James Spoonhour and John Wettach of Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, Orlando, presetned a seminar to chief financial officers, property managers, CPAs, and attorneys on Florida property taxes. Alan C. Kauffman of Boca Raton has been honored as one of the “Leading Men 2003” by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Jonathan T. Levy of Rosenthal & Weissman, P.A., West Palm Beach, recently addressed the Institute for Paralegal Education in West Palm Beach on advanced civil discovery for the litigation paralegal in Florida. Deborah T. Berkowitz, of Ruden, McClosky, Smith, Schuster & Russell, P.A., was elected to the board of trustees of Art Serve, a provider of training programs, resources, and state-of-the-art facilities to the arts and culture community of South Florida. Karen E. Guito of Guito & Guito, Tampa, recently received the James M. “Red” McEwen Memorial Award for outstanding service and support to the Hillsborough County Bar Association. Lynn E. Wagner, president of Litigation Alternatives, Inc., Winter Park, was recently named president-elect of the Florida Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution. Jerald David August of August & Kulunas, P.A., West Palm Beach, has been selected to speak on “S Corporation Hot Topics” at the 38th Annual Southern Federal Tax Institute in Atlanta. Adam Hodkin of Gelch Taylor Hodkin Kopelowitz & Ostrow, P.A., recently presented “Properties on the Brink: Find Out How to Work with Lenders While Positioning Your Property for a Turnaround” at the Lodging Conference 2003 in Arizona. Marshall Kapp of the Office of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, has been awarded the 2003 Donald P. Kent Award from The Gerontological Society of America. The award recognizes a person who demonstrates a high standard of leadership through teaching, service, and interpretation of gerontology to the public. Mikki Canton of Gunster Yoakley in Miami has been selected to serve on the Women’s Leadership Board at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.last_img read more

Orlando Federalists debate lawyer advertising

first_img Orlando Federalists debate lawyer advertising Gary Blankenship Senior Editor Lawyer advertising is either contributing to the destruction of the legal profession, or just a smoke screen for age-old hostility toward the legal profession.Arguing June 30 at The Federalist Society Orlando Lawyers Division, Rep. David Simmons, R-Altamonte Springs, and Orlando attorney John Morgan made those conflicting cases. The society couldn’t have found two more divergent views.Last spring, Simmons, a lawyer, sponsored HB 1357, which banned lawyer advertisements that solicited potential clients to file a law suit. The bill passed the House 104-8, but wasn’t taken up in the Senate. Morgan founded the small law firm of Morgan, Colling & Gilbert in 1988 that has always heavily advertised and has grown to more than 130 lawyers and about 1,000 total employees in two cities and expects this year to spend about $10 million on advertising.The representative argued that some advertising leads to public mistrust of the profession and the legal system, wariness that is then reflected in legislation that limits the right to jury trials. Simmons noted the recent changes to the workers’ compensation system that restricts attorneys’ fees and said he’s heard talk of applying a similar system to personal injury or medical malpractice cases.“HB 1357 was a shot over the bow, a shot over the bow to The Florida Bar and attorneys. It was for the purpose of letting everybody know that unless The Florida Bar regulates its own and gets rid of bad advertising — which is literally destroying the concept that there is a judicial system that works with attorneys who are respected — then the legislature will,” Simmons said.In response to a question, Simmons said he thinks that shot has been heard and, for the moment, he does not intend to refile the bill next near. “I believe The Florida Bar is stepping up to the plate [with its Special Task Force on Advertising 2004, which is studying ad rules] and will take care of it,” he said. At the end of the spring session, Simmons had said he intended to refile the bill next year, with the expectation it would pass both chambers.Morgan argued that historically people have always had some hostility toward the legal profession — long before the advent of either personal injury attorneys or lawyer advertising.“If we want to delude ourselves and try to believe that the woes we face as lawyers are because of lawyer advertising, it is simply naive and irresponsible,” he said. “We are in a time where medical malpractice claims are down; claims paid are down; jury verdicts are down — since 1997, dramatically; but the insurance industry perpetuates a fraud, which is that there is an insurance crisis and doctors are leaving the state.”Since many other states are having an identical crisis in malpractice insurance rates, Morgan joked that it’s not clear where doctors who are supposedly fleeing Florida are going.He also said lawyer advertising is a First Amendment issue on which the profession should not compromise.“One day we are going to wake up. . . and say, ‘What have we done to ourselves? What have we done to our civil liberties? What did we fight all of these wars for?’ Morgan said. “As lawyers, you’d better think twice before you start whittling away and whittling away. Because one day you’re going to wake up and you’re going to be saying, ‘What was that all about, what did we do to ourselves?’”The two also disagreed about the impact of HB 1357, if it had passed. Simmons said the prohibition against solicitation — defined in the bill as urging, inciting, or encouraging another person to file a suit — would not prevent lawyers from saying “call me” in ads aimed at prospective clients. But Morgan said the very meaning of solicitation is an invitation to “call me.”One audience member asked Simmons how he could rationalize a law to control lawyer advertising with the conservative ideal of limited government.Simmons replied it is a matter of balancing rights, because bad lawyer advertising is damaging the justice system, especially the right to jury trials.“The purpose is to make sure that the fundamental right to a jury trial is not destroyed,” he said. “We are through a whole group of advertising — that is bad advertising — destroying the right to a jury trial.”But Morgan said it’s not certain that advertising is having that kind of negative impact. In response to a question, he agreed that his firm used to seek in court cases to keep the firm’s name off documents and evidence provided to the jury because of concerns about lawyer advertising being controversial. But he said in a recent case in Tampa, it was the defense that filed to keep the firm name off the records, fearing the Morgan, Colling & Gilbert advertisements and slogan — “For the People” — might prejudice the jury in favor of the plaintiffs. August 1, 2004 Senior Editor Regular News Orlando Federalists debate lawyer advertisinglast_img read more