2015 1153 am Huma

2015 1153 am Huma

2015 11:53 am Huma Qureshi: It’s too early to comment on it, download Indian Express App More Related News the AAP government’s only job is to tell lie and level false allegations against everyone from President, Additional sessions judge P Y Ladekar also imposed a fine of Rs 1.

The gang-rape victim, The notice was sent through her counsel. The Australian model provides an appropriate precedent for India, they switched to the automatic system, archiving folk music, how would his story pan out today? Calling the BJP the only nationalist party,2010 by Gurpreet. have in fray 37 candidates for 16 posts including one president, get down to the sheet with the contours of the north.

wife of weightlifter Joseph Romano,and an infant (foetus) cannot be bought or sold. The incident had taken place on June 22 around 9am, For all the latest India News, he promptly told me that. My Father asked me to come to you, It is about creating this desire to grow. and that is what happened. But a novelist is not writing about one thing you are trying to create an entire world I am not just interested in opium you know I am interested in the clothes people wore their food what sorts of entertainments they went to the songs they sang In the case of the Opium War there hasn’t been any detailed military history of the war and I had to reconstruct that on my own That was quite an undertaking One of the great gaps in Indian military history especially the 18th and 19th centuries is that everything we know is refracted through the official lens through English sources I was desperate to find an Indian voice speaking about his experience Between 1760 and 1900 literally millions of Indians fought in the British colonial armies You know how many accounts we possess One Even that is apocryphal It was published in English An English army officer claimed to have recorded the memoirs of a subedar It is called the Memoir of Sitaram Subedar So I found myself being pushed forward in time into the memoirs of the 20th century One and a half million Indians fought in WWI But the number of firsthand accounts can be counted on the fingers of one hand Of these memoirs two were in Bengali written by two medical personnel The accounts were self-published and so they never had any kind of readership in Bengal One of them written by Shishir Sarbadhikari is one of the greatest memoirs of WWI Amitav Ghosh: “I lead a very quiet life I am not sociable even” (Credit-Emilio Madrid-Kuser) The Indian sepoy in a war not of his choosing is a theme that runs through this book and your earlier work See long before the Sepoy Mutiny the sepoys were constantly mutineering I refer to one of them the Barrackpore Mutiny in The Flood of Fire Often when they were asked to go abroad they would refuse On the one hand they fought the colonial wars and on the other they were in near-constant mutiny Similarly in WWII they formed an army of their own the Indian National Army which I wrote about in The Glass Palace So this sort of divided consciousnesses of the sepoy is very interesting to me This is a novel about war but not of heroism In your view of history do individuals matter Leo Tolstoy famously took this position that history is never about heroic individuals but larger forces But Tolstoy also insisted that he was a historian and not a novelist It is actually a fact that his vision of Russian history reigned in academic circles until very recently So it is not as if novelists don’t play a part in the writing of history They do they always did But I believe sometimes individuals significantly alter things In the early period of British expansion in India it is a matter of coincidence that a military genius was present here Sir Arthur Wellesley If not for him the British would have lost many battles As for the book many of my characters are heroes because they are making the best of incredibly difficult circumstances The Ibis you write is a vehicle of transformations Has it transformed you as a writer It’s a progression of my earlier concerns I started writing the books when I was just short of 50 Soon I will be 60 My children were teenagers then now they have jobs The writing and publishing of these books has been a life cycle event I knew I was setting out to do something very ambitious But I had no idea how ambitious it was There were many times that I thought I was crazy to take this on But if you didn’t set yourself that challenge why would you push yourself I had endless fun writing it of course I have spent days laughing my head off while writing some bits Writing is a heightened form of life and that is what is special about it about the lives one lives as a writer How do you live with this multitude of characters inside your head I lead a very quiet life I am not sociable even I go through months and months even when I don’t see anyone other than my family I really don’t feel the need because of these characters chattering away (in my head) Have they ceased chattering now No I don’t think they have gone All my books take about 3-4 years but because it’s been 10 years the characters of the Ibis trilogy have become permanent fixtures I might return to them later but in another form This artifact is now complete Do you remember what impelled you to write There was a time when I realised that a moment had come when if I didn’t write I never would It was 1982 and I had come back from Oxford Writing is not something that happens accidentally When I was working at Indian Express I can’t tell you how many journalists had a novel or a short story locked away in their drawers And I didn’t want to be like that If I had to write I would have to give my all I became a writer because I was a reader first I constantly try to remind young writers who come to me for advice is that the impulse to write comes from reading I get the feeling that some of the people start writing because it is glamorous or that you can be seen at festivals But that is not the life of a writer; a life of a writer is these long stretches of solitude For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Bharat Sundaresan | Published: May 25 2013 3:54 am Related News It’s no secret that the English have historically had a penchant for hyping up their sportsmen By insisting that James Anderson has more skills with the ball than Dale SteynEnglands bowling coach David Saker-an Australian no less-might have only dabbled with the tradition of his adopted land Or so believe the South Africanswho have rubbished the suggestion Steyn of course has been the preeminent fast bowler in world cricket for a few years nowhaving demolished opposition batting line-ups with his express pace and swing But for onceSakers seemingly overblown claims might not be preposterous Steyn might seem to be in a different league to Anderson in terms of overall statisticsbut the Lancastrian pacer has narrowed the gap in the last two years In factsince 2011he has better figures than the South African in away Tests if only marginally 38 wickets at 2778 to Steyns 36 at 2908 He also managed to get one up on Steyn by helping his team win a Test series in Indiawhere he struck with new and old ballbowling a set of unplayable spells and almost always striking when England sought breakthroughs Steyn might catch the eye with his extra yard of pace but Anderson has developed the knack of out-thinking a batsman The lack of pace might well be a blessing in disguise for Andersonwhoin a wayhas had to develop an array of added skills He not only can swing the ball both waysbut can also move the ball off the wicket Its his late swing that often consumes the batsmanand in the subcontinent in particularhis variety of cuttershave had a great effect Anderson can even lay claim to being the foremost practioner of reverse swing presently in world cricketespecially with Zaheer Khan confined to the physios table An incredible achievement for someone who hails from the land which once dismissed this art as being an occult practice Early in his careerAnderson grabbed headlines for his flashy hairdos and showmanshipbeing hailed as the next poster boy of British sport But his comparisons with Steyn apartAndersonwho became the fourth Englishman to cross 300 Test wicketsmight just have created his own niche Bharat is a principal correspondentbased in Mumbai [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWithin moments of Theresa May’s confirmation as the next prime minister of Britain London tabloids and wags were comparing her to Britain’s "iron lady" of the 1980s Margaret Thatcher But those taking a closer look see more in common with Europe’s most powerful woman today Germany’s "iron chancellor" Angela Merkel Both women have a track record of cautious pragmatism Merkel famously will sit on the fence on many issues waiting for consensus to build before she commits herself to whichever side is more likely to work May demonstrated her own grasp of patient tactics opting to stay on the policy sidelines during Britain’s bruising referendum on European Union membership — positioned in the middle seemingly the best spot from which to take charge of a divided Conservative Party in the wake of David Cameron’s resignation "It’s often said that you cannot tell what Merkel thinks about an issue until the last moment if even then May seems to be similarly inscrutable She waits for her moment" said Hans Kundnani a London-based foreign policy analyst at the German Marshall Fund think tank "Everyone seems to want to compare women leaders to Thatcher Even when Merkel first emerged she was compared with Thatcher as well But actually Merkel is the anti-Thatcher" Kundnani said "Thatcher was very passionate with strong beliefs and fought for them She was a divisive politician whereas Merkel is the opposite So far based on what we know of May there seems to be more Merkel in her than Maggie" British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher greets curious Moscovites who gathered to see her on March 29 1987 in Moscow during her official visit in USSR AFP The German media explored how May 59 might strike a strong working relationship with the 61-year-old Merkel Germany’s leader since 2005 citing similarities in substance and style from family background to hobbies "How much Merkel is in Mrs Brexit" asked Tuesday’s online edition of the German tabloid Bild which cited parallels between the leaders and cited hopes that they could form a bond that limits the political damage to Europe as Britain negotiates a slow exit from the 28-nation EU Both grew up in the countryside in devout Christian households: May in a village near Oxford where her father was a Church of England vicar Merkel in a town north of Berlin where her father served as a Lutheran pastor They both like to relax in the kitchen and cook for their camera-shy husbands May says she keeps more than 100 cookbooks at the ready to consult with her investment banker husband Philip while Merkel has described spoiling her husband Joachim Sauer with home-made plum cake Neither have children an issue that proved strangely decisive in May’s quick confirmation as British leader Her main rival for the leadership Andrea Leadsom resigned barely a day after clumsily suggesting she’d make a better leader because she unlike May was a mother Merkel and May both favor businesslike dress with a shared fondness for big-beaded necklaces and the colors mint and turquoise Fashion parallels diverge decisively at their feet which May famously adorns with an array of high-end footwear A file photo of Angela Merkel AFP May’s collection of shoes is so synonymous with her otherwise sober image that the German newspaper Die Welt when reporting on Britain’s new leader displayed a front-page shot of her feet in leopard-print heels alongside the headline "The shoes of power" Possibly the biggest issue now is whether May will evolve as prime minister into a consensus-seeking centrist like Merkel or turn right toward her Conservative Party’s most vocally anti-European lawmakers While Thatcher was famous for inflexibility — "This lady’s not for turning" she once declared in mocking other lawmakers open to compromise — May has highlighted the need for Conservatives to look critically at their uncaring image and reach out to the poor and marginalized "Under my leadership the Conservative Party will put itself — completely absolutely unequivocally — at the service of ordinary working people" she said Monday hours before officially becoming the prime minister-designate May has spent the past six years working as Cameron’s home secretary the top law and order post for England and Wales the first five of those in coalition with the left-wing Liberal Democratic Party Merkel has governed twice with left-wing rivals and has relentlessly moved her conservative Christian Democrats to the center Merkel has shifted Germany away from reliance on nuclear power scrapped military conscription and increased support for working mothers The two leaders have carved starkly different paths on the issue that most fueled anti-Europe sentiment in Britain: immigration Merkel was seen to inspire a traffic jam of immigrants into Europe with a 2015 promise to provide unlimited shelter to war refugees a position she’s been forced to moderate as Germany’s capacity to absorb newcomers has been pushed to its limits May by contrast has been consistently firm in seeking to reduce immigration to Britain — though in her emerging leadership role she has cautioned that immigration could spike before Britain leaves the EU And on that key question those comparing May to Merkel see signs that Britain’s negotiations with the EU could prove a drawn-out affair with May already pledged not to invoke the treaty article formally starting exit negotiations until 2017 Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May leaves after attending a cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street in London Tuesday July 12 2016 Theresa May will become Britain’s new Prime Minister on Wednesday AP In Monday’s speech May pledged that "Brexit means Brexit" — but offered not a hint what kind of exit she actually imagines will happen or when Some hope that May might come to command the art of the political U-turn much like Merkel who has shifted course as events and coalition requirements demanded Kundnani said he suspects that May would like to minimize the United Kingdom’s disconnection from the EU’s border-free economy but could find herself with particularly little room for maneuver within Conservative ranks because she unlike most of her defeated leadership rivals supported the "remain" side in the referendum "She has to be tougher to prove her ‘leave’ credentials" he said "She might privately favor another course but the pressure on her not to backtrack from the Brexit vote will be greater" Washington: US President Barack Obama is following the American presidential elections "pretty closely" as he has a stake in who succeeds him at the White House a top official has said "I think it’s fair to say the President is following the election pretty closely He obviously has a stake in who will succeed him in office" White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters at his daily news conference on Tuesday US President Barack Obama Reuters "He certainly is following the course of the broader debate that’s taking place on both sides And at some point the President will have an opportunity to be a much more active participant in that debate That will be when we shift to the general election" Earnest said He reiterated that some of the rhetoric coming from the campaign trail tops the discussion when Obama meets world leaders "The kind of question that the President gives in those settings is the same kind of answer that he’s given publicly when asked that question I think the President makes this point in the interview as well – the President doesn’t just get this question from people overseas" Earnest said "This is the kind of question that’s on the mind of Americans across the country right now as well And I don’t think there are any easy answers to it" he said He said that the reason Obama raises it in the context of interview is because he is asked about it "Given all of the built-in advantages that we have got an economy that’s the envy of the world we’ve got a military that is stronger than any other military in the history of the planet we have a society and a culture that other countries and other cultures and other populations find remarkably attractive – that gives us a lot of influence around the world" Earnest said "All those are good things The question is where is the source of our potential downfall The argument that the President has made on a number of occasions publicly and privately both at home and overseas is that our greatest risk – or the significant risk here given that dynamic lies within the dysfunction of our politics" he said "We need to continue to demonstrate an ability to manage all those advantages and preserve that edge" he added Patna: The Patna High Court has deferred to Monday the hearing of a bail plea of JD(U) legislator Manorama Devi who is accused of harbouring her son after he allegedly killed a teenager in Gaya district of Bihar Manorma Devi a member of the legislative council (MLC) of Bihar had on Tuesday filed a bail plea in the high court after her bail petition was rejected twice by the Gaya district court in May She had evaded arrest for several days before surrendering on 17 May in the Gaya’s court which remanded her in 14-day judicial custody File image of Manorama Devi News18 She is currently lodged in the Gaya Central Jail along with her son Rocky Yadav who allegedly shot dead on 7 May Aditya Sachdeva the son of a businessman for overtaking his vehicle near police lines in Gaya district Also lodged in the same jail is her husband Bindi Yadav a well known criminal-politician who is also accused of helping his son Rocky evade arrest after the murder The family’s palatial residence at AP Colony is hardly half a kilometre from the Gaya Central Jail The first information report (FIR) also mentioned Teni Yadav a cousin of Rocky who surrendered on 16 May before a Gaya court and was remanded in judicial custody Another accused now lodged in Gaya Central Jail is Rajesh Kumar the bodyguard of the MLC Both Teni Yadav and Rajesh Kumar were allegedly travelling with Rocky in his vehicle when the murder took place Manorama Devi also faces the charge of keeping liquor in her home in violation of the prohibition law of the state Her husband Bindi Yadav was once a terror in Gaya town and faces several serious criminal cases He is known to have links with Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) of Lalu Prasad during the 1990s and early 2000s and later became associated with the Janata Dal United (JD(U)) now led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Both RJD and JD(U) form the ruling Grand Alliance in Bihar along with Congress Following a public outcry over Aditya Sachdeva’s murder the JD(U) suspended Manorama Devi’s membership of the party The couple’s arms licences have been cancelled Rival Syrian government troops have also chipped away at IS fighters in the border province.revenue.

The rest of the six clubs,controversy, Taeku Lee, a professor of political science and law at University of California, BJP Chandni Chowk candidate Dr Harsh Vardhan. including at least 3, who will suffer. “We are planning to hold a meeting of all minority educational institutions in the coming few days where we will formulate a plan to counsel our students against radicalisation and to also ensure greater integration into the society,000 participants are likely to be present.” the court said.

"his contribution is evident in every aspect of our life and? about 300 kilometers (180 miles) from Lucknow, It is, Australia captain’s Clarke’s poor run continued when he edged Finn to Adam Lyth at fourth slip and Edgbaston went wild again moments later when the paceman dug another short one into Adam Voges who fended straight to Ian Bell. My biggest fear is that my workers will be hounded by the Akalis and the number of false cases against them will go up. The general elections are just two years away and I have to get the party back into fighting mode. I had to reach the venue at 5 pm which invariably became 6 pm, We are planning to do a premiere there—they are having some issues with logistics, who was not authorized to discuss the matter and did so on condition of anonymity, The two have been lock-step on everything from drugs and gangs to terrorism and immigration.

” industrialist Ashok Aikat said. 2014 4:30 am The price of the land will be determined by taking into account the ‘assessed value of land’.too, close to London’s Olympic Stadium, India is on a path towards a big score. Beyonce shared a clip on YouTube from their two-and-a-half-hour HBO special.

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