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Aramco’s net profit drops 45% in the third quarter

first_imgOil tanks at an oil processing facility of Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian state-owned oil and gas company, at the Abqaiq oil field.Stanislav Krasilnikov | TASS via Getty Images – Advertisement – – Advertisement – – Advertisement – Saudi Aramco’s net profit fell 44.6% in the third quarter of 2020 compared to the same period last year, reflecting continued damage to oil demand and prices from the global coronavirus pandemic.Net profit dropped to 44.21 billion riyals ($11.8 billion) this quarter from 79.84 billion riyals in the third quarter of 2019.The Saudi kingdom’s state oil company has maintained its dividend of $18.75 billion.last_img

Democrats projected to retain control

first_imgSpeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speaks during a bill enrollment ceremony at the U.S. Capitol January 9, 2020 in Washington, DC.Win McNamee | Getty Images – Advertisement – Democrats will keep their House majority, NBC News projected Tuesday, as the major U.S. parties jockeyed for control of the White House and Senate in the 2020 election.Democrats entered Election Day heavily favored to keep control of the chamber. The biggest question was whether they could expand their advantage.Many key House races around the country were still undecided Tuesday night.- Advertisement – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is expected to run to extend her second stint as leader of the House. She previously had agreed to limit her leadership of the House to four years in order to win support after the party gained control in the 2018 election.Subscribe to CNBC on YouTube.center_img Democrats have a 232-197 majority in the current Congress. One representative is a Libertarian, while the House has five vacancies.Competitive House races across the country, led by multiple contests in Texas and New York, were expected to determine whether Republicans could cut into Democrats’ edge. Democrats flipped House control in the 2018 midterms by gaining a net 40 seats.Keeping House control will ensure Democrats can push policy priorities through if Joe Biden wins the White House and the party flips Senate control. If Democrats fail to win the White House or Senate, the House majority provides a buffer for them against Republican goals.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Biden must form a unity government devoted to bipartisanship, comity, and prosecuting these bastards

first_imgIt is time to treat the rule of law as non-optional, and above political sparring. If Donald cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided. That attorney will be Gritty. Gritty will be provided to aid Donald Trump’s legal efforts for however long as needed.It is time for Republicans and Democrats to come together to acknowledge that Fox News, in specific, is a fascist cesspool of propaganda that has incalculably damaged our democracy by turning the Republican base into a collection of conspiracy-obsessed news illiterates—people who not only know less than their neighbors about the issues that face the nation than those that get their news from other sources, but know less about those issues than those who learned about them via hallucinogenic drugs, particular vivid dreams, or by seeking divine portents in bowls of breakfast cereal.It is time for Americans from all walks of life to join hands and tell Tucker Carlson to his face that he is a grifting mother–king race-baiting asshole and that not one of us is fooled by his paycheck-seeking move to whatever tawdry fringe will have him. To tell Sean Hannity that his compulsive, relentless lying to the nation in service to the fragile ego and incalculable incompetence an actual no-kidding g–damn reality tv star has helped to kill a quarter million Americans, and to f–k all the way off, Sean, and with a side of ranch dressing. To tell the Murdoch family, once and for all, that if they are going to act as enemies of our democracy that they will be treated as enemies of our democracy.- Advertisement – For those lawmakers that enabled corruption, brazenly and willingly, in service of political power, we must come together as a nation—and permanently expel them from our discourse. They have proved themselves, and proved unwilling to act even as their own national leader used his office for business profit. They proved themselves eagerly complicit, when a national leader ignored his oath repeatedly. They proved themselves something between cowardly and impotent, and between grossly indifferent and unspeakably craven, when a national leader’s incompetence and self-delusions cascaded into a quarter million American deaths. They have proved themselves malevolent, and should be treated as such. It is nobody’s damn fault that those lawmakers all happen to be Republicans; both Republicans and Democrats had equal opportunity to stand up for decency, in the Trump years. It cannot be helped if one party decided instead to collectively chew on their shoes, rather than show a stitch of leadership.Politics was once said to stop at the water’s edge. It is time to re-embrace that essential bipartisanship, and send teams of investigators to examine the relationships between our soon-to-be-ex-administration and world dictators who managed to get inexplicable favors from Donald’s team. We must create new blue-ribbon commissions of nonpartisan dignitaries and experts to examine what threats were made, by the Orange Blowhard, to which of our allies and for which reasons.It is time to rejoin the world community, not as Republicans or Democrats but as Americans, and extradite Donald J. Trump to whatever country wants to prosecute him. And then to all of the others, in turn. And to televise each trial, in each country, complete with the finest sports analysts and on-screen graphics our great nation can muster.- Advertisement – Republicans and Democrats must come together to heal this nation. Specifically, Republicans must join Democrats in declaring that there is no place for white nationalism or white supremacy in this country, and those that preach it and advocate for it should be barred from government service from now until the day they die. And from government buildings. And from getting their driver’s licenses renewed.A broad coalition must be formed, one focused not on division, or stoking fears, but on a true American commitment to seeing Trump’s collection of rat-bastards prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. From those that conspired to hide evidence from Congress, to those that maintained financial connections upon receiving governmental powers and sought to use their posts for their, or their allies, advantage; from those that lied to federal investigators to those that falsified government statistics for partisan gain, America must come together to build a new prison large enough for every one of them, and lock them up.- Advertisement – It is time to tax the whole malevolent family into f–king poverty, for national unity or whatever.It is time for a new proclamation: Anyone who is rude to a Donald Trump ex-staffer in a public restaurant shall get their meal for free and at taxpayer expense. If grifting, out-of-work ex-staffers want to game this system by publicly peppering each other with insults so that all involved can get a free meal, this is fine so long as they upload the exchange to YouTube within 12 hours.Most importantly, we must look forward, not back. Instead of dwelling on the past, we should instead dwell on the clusterf–k that will be the future if the Trump’s unending list of white nationalists, professional liars, and eager criminals does not receive our public revulsion, our contempt, and the fullest possible prosecutions. Our nation depends on coming together, here and now, to wipe every last incompetent Republican sycophant from our politics and our televisions.This means all those that stood by Trump, as he careened through our “norms” and revealed us to be an autocracy in waiting. The pundits. The Republican lawmakers. The “conservative” think tankers. The appointees. Every last one of them has betrayed this nation, has shown themselves to be supporters of even this, and the damage done has been incalculable. It is unforgivable. There is no possible repentance. They must be purged—or the next Republican autocrat may be successful where this incompetent, addled fart of a man was not.Bipartisanly wipe them from office, and from our discourse. Prosecute every last parking ticket, if necessary. Remind them, now and forever, that when everything turned sour they were on the side of the sour—the reason that it happened. The reason all this happened.Being a traitor to our very democracy is not a partisan stance, and so we can bipartisanly remove every one of these Trump-licking, corruption-embracing, oath-breaking grotesquery-defending pieces of absolute power-seeking crap and flush them down the national toilet.Use a plunger if they try to pop their heads back up.If that doesn’t work, deport them and be done with it. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Trump meets with election advisors as Biden lead endures

first_img– Advertisement – But the Electoral College vote, not the popular vote, determines who wins the White House. Every state, with the exceptions of Maine and Nebraska, award all of their electoral votes, which are equal to their number of congressional districts plus two, to the winner of their popular election votes.NBC News has projected that Biden will win at least 279 Electoral College votes, which is nine more than the minimum a candidate needs to clinch a win for the presidency.Trump is projected as of now to win 217 electoral votes. – Advertisement – Wednesday’s meeting came as NBC News reported that there is growing expectation among Trump’s advisors that he will never concede that he lost to Biden, even when ballots are certified in coming weeks around the country.“Do not expect him to concede,” a top aide told NBC. It is more likely, the aide said that, “he’ll say something like, ‘We can’t trust the results, but I’m not contesting them.’”Biden, a Democratic former vice president, has 77.4 million votes in the popular vote tally, compared to 72.26 million ballots cast for Trump, a margin of 50.8% to 47.4%, with 96% of the expected national vote counted so far.- Advertisement – U.S. President Donald Trump in the Cabinet Room at the White House in Washington, July 9, 2020.Kevin Lamarque | Reuters Three states have yet to be projected by NBC News: Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina, which together have 47 electoral votes.Trump is currently leading in the popular vote tally of one of those states, North Carolina, but trails Biden in the other two states by .4 percentage points or less.Georgia’s secretary of state on Wednesday announced a statewide hand recount of all ballots.To retain the presidency, Trump would need to reverse at least one of Biden’s projected victories in Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, even if he managed to win all three of the remaining states whose results have yet to be projected.Election analysts and legal observers say his chances of winning a recount or of invalidating enough ballots by proving fraud or some other irregularity to deny Biden a victory in even a single state, much less multiple states, are slim at best.Biden’s legal advisor Bob Bauer has called the Trump campaign’s legal challenges to ballots “theatrics.”A White House official told NBC News, “It’s not wrong for the Biden team to call it theater.”Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, a Republican, on Wednesday said it is “very, highly unlikely” that Trump will win enough of the fewer than 45,000 ballots outstanding in Arizona to overcome Biden’s lead there.Brnovich, whose wife was appointed to the federal judiciary by Trump, also said during a Fox Business interview that his office had not found any evidence of ballot fraud.In Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told Fox 5 Atlanta on Tuesday that, “We have not found any widespread voter fraud.”“I understand half of the people will be happy, half of the people will be sad, but I want 100% of the people to understand that the process was fair and accurately counted,” Raffensperger said.Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a Democrat, in a CNN interview Wednesday said that the only known case of voter fraud “in Pennsylvania in this cycle, is a registered Republican in Luzerne County, [who] tried to vote for Trump with his dead mother’s ballot.”“And at some point, we all have to collectively accept that yelling ‘voter fraud’ when there is no evidence whatsoever of it is yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater,” Fetterman said. “It is harming the democratic franchise of our country and the peaceful transition of power and we cannot accept that.”In Michigan, state Attorney General Dana Nessel also disputed claims of fraud by the Trump campaign.“The November elections in Michigan ran as smoothly as ever,” said the Democrat Nessel on Wednesday.“Irregularities occur in every election, but there are multiple layers of protection to ensure that these irregularities are caught and rectified.”“Most of these are simple human error, not crimes,” she said. President Donald Trump met with his top election advisors on Wednesday as his chances for reversing an apparent win for President-elect Joe Biden in the race for the White House looked increasingly daunting.NBC News reported that Trump met with his son-in-law and senior White House advisor Jared Kushner, campaign manager Bill Stepien and senior campaign advisor Jason Miller to discuss a path forward for the Republican incumbent.Trump held a similar meeting on Tuesday that was more focused on the status of multiple legal challenges his campaign has launched to invalidate ballots cast for President-elect Biden in six battleground states.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Celebrities Who Have Slammed Pregnancy Rumors

first_imgNot a guessing game! Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Garner and more celebrities have clapped back amid pregnancy rumors over the years.The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star faced speculation in May 2020 after sharing an Instagram slideshow of bikini photos. (The reality star previously welcomed three kids with Scott Disick — Mason, Penelope and Reign.)- Advertisement – “I am 48, have three healthy kids and am not — and never will be — pregnant,” the Love, Simon star wrote via Instagram in September 2020. “We can lay that pupper to rest.”Other actresses showed their support for the Texas native’s denial in the comments. “You, in those overalls, made my day,” Reese Witherspoon gushed, while Natalie Portman called Garner “so gorgeous.”Keep scrolling to see more stars shutting down pregnancy rumors, from Counting On‘s Jessa Duggar to Riverdale‘s Lili Reinhart. – Advertisement – “This is me when I have a few extra pounds on, and I actually love it,” the Poosh creator replied to an Instagram hater at the time. “I have given birth three amazing times and this is the shape of my body.”One month prior, the Los Angeles native denied rumors that she was expecting in a photo of her bare midriff. Kardashian also encouraged her followers at the time to “put the blessing out there.”The E! personality gushed about her family in July 2020, noting that she works to stay “present” while coparenting her three children with the Flip It Like Disick star, from whom she split in July 2015.- Advertisement – “I always try my absolute best when I’m with my kids not to be on my phone, to … have those moments where you’re looking in each other’s eyes and connecting,” the University of Arizona grad told Vogue Arabia in July 2020. “I usually take one day on the weekend where we have no plans, we hang out at the house in pajamas or sweats. We sleep in. I like to not be on a schedule on that day. … For years I didn’t have that, where I could say no and set boundaries.”As for Garner, the Golden Globe winner shares Violet, Seraphina and Samuel with her ex-husband Ben Affleck — and doesn’t have plans to welcome baby No. 4.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Black Lives Matter Meets QAnon as Newest Members of Congress Arrive

first_img“It’s not just Democrat women that have the monopoly on breaking glass ceilings; Republican women have been doing it all their lives,” said Ms. Mace, the first woman to graduate from the Citadel, who last week defeated Representative Joe Cunningham, a centrist Democrat, to become the first woman to represent her state in Congress. “It doesn’t matter what your political affiliation is. If you want women to have a seat at the table, if you want to be in office, we have to run in order to win.”But as the new members arrived on Capitol Hill, Representative Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California and the minority leader, found himself defending a pair of newly elected members on his party’s far right: Ms. Greene, a QAnon follower, and Lauren Boebert of Colorado, who has made supportive comments about the viral conspiracy movement.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Mr. McCarthy claimed both had disavowed the group, which has been labeled a potential domestic terrorism threat, and urged reporters to “give them an opportunity” before seeking to characterize them. While Ms. Boebert has said she is not a follower of QAnon and Ms. Greene recently said she had chosen to follow “another path,” Ms. Greene has never denounced the group, whose convoluted theory claims falsely that a cabal of Satan-worshiping, pedophile Democrats is plotting against President Trump.In an interview with reporters, Ms. Boebert, a Glock-toting conservative firebrand, stressed the historic nature of Republican gains for women. Just 13 Republican women held seats in the House this year, while at least 27 will when new members take office in January — surpassing a record high of 25.“I am not only the first female to represent that district, but I am the first mom,” Ms. Boebert said. “It’s an incredible honor to bring those values to Washington, D.C., in a time where I think we need more common sense.”- Advertisement –center_img In addition to a surge of Republican women, the freshman class diversifies Congress’s ranks: Marilyn Strickland, Democrat of Washington, is the first Black woman to represent her state in Congress and the first Korean-American elected; Ms. Bush is the first Black woman to represent Missouri; and Mondaire Jones and Ritchie Torres, both Democrats of New York, are the first openly gay Black men to serve in Congress.Additionally, at least seven new members of Congress — including Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina, the youngest member of Congress in the modern era — do not have college degrees.last_img read more

12 apparent Ebola cases reclassified as measles

first_img Jun 22 WHO statement Jun 22, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – Twelve of the 30 recent cases of a disease thought to be Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Sudan have been reclassified as measles, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced today. CIDRAP overview of viral hemorrhagic fevers, including Ebola See also: The WHO said it is continuing to conduct lab tests and active surveillance and monitor contacts of patients.center_img The change means the Ebola outbreak included 18 cases with 6 deaths, instead of 30 cases with 7 deaths, the WHO said. The cases were reclassified on the basis of clinical presentations, epidemiologic findings, and laboratory tests, including tests at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the agency said. Measles cases have been present in the affected area and were reported to the WHO in March, the announcement said. Additional cases were detected because of the active surveillance system that was established for Ebola, officials said. The change in the outbreak total to 18 cases with 6 deaths indicates an increase in the case-fatality rate from about 23% (30 cases with 7 deaths) to 33%. However, this remains well below the 50% to 90% fatality rates seen in previous Ebola outbreaks.last_img read more

GAO critiques anthrax vaccine procurement, management

first_imgOct 31, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – The US government’s attempt to add a next-generation anthrax vaccine to its stockpile failed because of a premature contract award, unrealistic expectations, and confusion about how the vaccine would be used, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the investigative agency of Congress. Dissecting a failed procurementHHS awarded its first contract to VaxGen for the rPA vaccine at a very early development stage, before critical issues such as stability could be addressed, the GAO says. The award also interrupted an existing development contract VaxGen had with the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). GAO investigators assert that VaxGen took several “unrealistic” risks in accepting the HHS contract: the delivery deadline was too aggressive, the company lacked in-house technical expertise to address vaccine stability and formulation issues, and it had few resources to pay for additional testing to meet regulatory requirements. The GAO’s second concern about management of the existing anthrax vaccine stockpile is that HHS planned to use vaccine that had expired in 2006 and 2007, which would violate FDA rules. “The failure of this procurement effort raised larger questions regarding the country’s ability to develop a new anthrax vaccine and robust and sustainable biodefense medical countermeasure industry,” the GAO report states, adding that the problems cast doubt on the government’s ability to clearly spell out the requirements of future contracts with its pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry partners. HHS officials told the GAO that they felt an urgency to tell the public an improved anthrax vaccine was on the horizon and that they were 80% to 90% confident in VaxGen’s ability to successfully develop and produce the vaccine. Both HHS and DoD generally concurred with the investigators’ findings, the report says, but each added detailed technical responses to the report. “If this is not done, the government risks future interest and participation of the biotechnology industry,” the report says. The VaxGen vaccine was based on a recombinant form of protective antigen (rPA), a key anthrax protein. It was expected to provide immunity in 3 doses, rather than the 6 doses required for the licensed vaccine, and to cause fewer side effects. Avecia, a biotechnology company based in Manchester, England, is also developing an rPA anthrax vaccine with grant support from the National Institutes of Health. Industry experts told the GAO that, given the early stage of development, the expectation that VaxGen could deliver 75 million doses of the vaccine was unrealistic, and would have been so even for a large pharmaceutical firm. The GAO said using expired vaccine could undermine the public’s confidence and that HHS should destroy the expired lots. Oct 23 GAO report on anthrax vaccine procurement VaxGen announced in May that it hoped to license its rPA vaccine to another company in hopes that the product could someday be added to the national stockpile.center_img The contract, awarded in 2004, was the first under Project BioShield, a program meant to spur the development and production of medical countermeasures for chemical, biological, and radiological weapons. Licensed vaccine going to wasteIn examining how the government manages the current anthrax vaccine in the national stockpile—anthrax vaccine adsorbed (AVA), developed in the 1950s—investigators raised two main concerns. One is that HHS doesn’t have a strategy to minimize wasted vaccine. The report says $12 million worth of vaccine has already expired, and without an effective management plan, $100 million more per year could be lost as vaccine lots in the stockpile expire. Another problem was that HHS did not tell VaxGen how it planned to use the vaccine, because at the start of the contract the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was still defining the data and testing requirements for the rPA anthrax vaccine as part of its new guidance on emergency use authorization for unlicensed products in the Strategic National Stockpile. HHS recently announced that it awarded the manufacturer of the AVA vaccine, Emergent BioSolutions, based in Gaithersburg, Md., a contract worth up to $448 million for 18.75 million doses of the AVA vaccine, which would allow the agency to maintain a 10 million-dose stockpile through 2011. Dec 20, 2006, CIDRAP News story “HHS cancels VaxGen anthrax vaccine contract” The findings were detailed in a 41-page report the GAO released on Oct 23. Four members of Congress had requested the investigation after the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) cancelled an $877 million contract with VaxGen, a small biotechnology company based in Brisbane, Calif., last December. The company had failed to meet certain project milestones. See also: The GAO says HHS has announced that it will issue another rPA anthrax vaccine proposal but has not formally reviewed what went wrong with the VaxGen contract. “They may repeat their mistakes in the absence of a corrective plan,” the report says. Sep 26 CIDRAP News story “HHS orders 18 million doses of anthrax vaccine” The GAO also concluded that the government lacks a strategy for preventing waste and duplication in managing its stockpile of the existing anthrax vaccine, which could result in annual $100 million losses as stored vaccine lots expire. The GAO report says HHS could minimize the waste by developing a single inventory that can be shared with the Department of Defense (DoD), which has a mandatory anthrax vaccination program. However, HHS responded in the report that it explored the vaccine rotation option in 2004, but identified funding, legal, and logistical obstacles.last_img read more

Products recalled in Salmonella outbreak top 125

first_img Salmonella in plantIn response to questions, Sundlof said the Salmonella isolates found in the Blakely plant recently “were not what I believe to be the same strain as what’s causing the outbreak, but it still indicates there is Salmonella in the plant.” The FDA is not testing all the recalled products, but it is testing those that are most likely to yield a positive result if Salmonella is present, Sundlof said. For example, “We’re picking up unopened containers from institutions where people actually became ill.” FDA outbreak page Sundlof said the FDA is looking at the possibility that contamination could have happened somewhere other than in the Blakely plant, such as in a tanker container of peanut paste. But he added that the finding of Salmonella in the plant suggests that the contamination occurred there. “We currently have more than 125 recalled products listed on the FDA site, and we expect that number to continue to increase as we continue to get more product information,” said Sundlof, director of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. Sundlof said good manufacturing practices should keep Salmonella out of food processing plants. “The fact that the strains don’t match is not really relevant from a regulatory standpoint. Having Salmonella in a plant is not supposed to happen,” he said. The Salmonella outbreak has grown to 486 cases in 43 states and Canada, up one since yesterday, said Dr. Robert Tauxe of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He said 107 people (22%) were hospitalized with salmonellosis, and the number of deaths possibly related to the outbreak remained at 6. Today, Tauxe said the CDC has gathered information from 15 institutions where more than one resident had salmonellosis. “We have detailed information from 14 of the 15, and in all 14, King Nut peanut butter [made by PCA] was served,” he said. He said the contamination was found in a floor crack near a washroom and on a floor elsewhere in the plant. “More cases are being reported every day,” Tauxe said. “The outbreak appears to be ongoing.” He said firms that bought a “substantial proportion” of the Blakely plant’s output are included in the recalls announced so far: “In terms of the overall volume of peanut butter and peanut paste that left the plant, we have under recall the major purchasers.” Jan 21, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – More than 125 products, including a few pet foods, have been included in recalls prompted by the nationwide Salmonella outbreak linked to peanut butter, and the list continues to grow, US officials said today. Sundlof today repeated previous FDA statements that no major-brand retail peanut butter has been linked to the outbreak. But he also reiterated advice that consumers should check whether peanut butter or products containing peanut butter or paste contain PCA product. They can do that by checking a searchable list on the FDA Web site or, if the relevant product is not on the list, by checking the manufacturer’s Web site or calling the company. Consumer products recalled include cookies, crackers, candy, and ice cream. PCA does not sell peanut butter directly to consumers, and the FDA has said no national peanut butter brands sold in retail stores have been tied to the outbreak. FDA database of recalled products Consumer advisoryPCA peanut butter is sold to institutions and food service companies, and the company sells both peanut butter and peanut paste to food processors for use in other products, the FDA has said. CDC outbreak update PetSmart said yesterday it was recalling seven varieties of Great Choice dog biscuits because they contain peanut paste from PCA, though it was not aware of any illnesses related to the biscuits. He and Tauxe said that several lines of evidence point to the Blakely facility as the source of the outbreak, though the outbreak strain has not been found there. In other comments, the two officials said peanut butter contains almost no water and therefore does not support the growth of Salmonella, but the bacteria can survive in peanut butter for a long time. He also said that a CDC case-control study conducted Jan 17 and 18 revealed a link between illness and consumption of peanut butter, and particularly the Austin and Keebler brands made by Kellogg Co. Kellogg recalled those brands on Jan 16, he noted. The strongest evidence was Connecticut officials’ identification of the outbreak strain in an unopened container of King Nut peanut butter, made by PCA, as reported yesterday, he said. About a week earlier, Minnesota officials found the strain in an opened peanut butter container from a nursing home where illnesses occurred. A few pet food products, including Great Choice dog biscuits, sold by PetSmart, are now included in the recalls, Sundlof reported. “There is risk to humans from handling these products,” and people should wash their hands after feeding treats to pets, he said. Peanut sources for PCA plantThe Blakely plant receives peanuts from both US and foreign sources, Sundlof reported. Some of the peanuts are received already roasted, while others are roasted at the facility, he said. He added that the roasting step should kill any Salmonella present, if done correctly, suggesting that contamination would have occurred at some point after the roasting. Sundlof said the FDA is tracing products at risk for contamination in two ways: by following products distributed from the Blakely facility to primary customers and on to any secondary and tertiary customers, and by asking food companies if any products they handle contain products from that plant. Jan 20 PetSmart news release He said the outbreak and the growing list of potentially affected products “certainly points to the complexity of our food supply.” He likened the situation to the melamine contamination found in pet food last year, “where two very small companies had a very large impact on pet food.” See also: “When Salmonella is in something that’s dry it can survive much more heat than when it’s in something that’s wet,” said Tauxe. Officials also revealed today that Salmonella found recently in the Blakely facility did not match the outbreak strain of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium. But they said other evidence, primarily the discovery of the outbreak strain in some PCA-made peanut butter in Connecticut, has clearly linked the outbreak to the Georgia plant. Sundlof also revealed that the last inspection at the Blakely facility was done by Georgia officials in June 2008, under a contract with the FDA. The last time the FDA itself inspected the plant was before the facility was producing peanut butter, he said. Peanut butter and peanut paste from the Peanut Corp. of America plant in Blakely, Ga., regarded as the source of the outbreak, were distributed to more than 70 companies, said Stephen Sundlof, DVM, of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said at a news teleconference today.last_img read more

AFP photojournalist Yuri Cortez on a seven-day visit to Croatia

first_imgAt the invitation of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Yuri Cortez, a photo reporter for Angence France-Press (AFP), came to visit our country. He gained the sympathy of the world by celebrating Croatian footballers after Croatia’s placement in the World Cup finals in Russia.Cortez will stay in Croatia with his family from August 31 to September 7 and will visit Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Šibenik, Zadar, Opatija, Rovinj and Pula, as well as other tourist attractions such as the Kornati National Park or the Nature Park. Telascica.  “Impressions and reactions after the historic result of the Croatian national team at the World Cup are still not fading. In this great promotional wave, which was made possible by our footballers with great games, we continued to carry out activities that will further position our country in the world as an attractive tourist destination that is definitely worth a visit. We are looking forward to the arrival of Yuri and his family who will see first hand the beauties of Croatia and the kindness of our people. “, said the director of the CNTB, Kristjan Staničić, adding that the program was created in accordance with the wishes of the Cortez family, which is very much looking forward to visiting Croatia.  Cortez himself confirms that this is the case: “Although I have traveled the world, I have not been to Croatia yet, and I am especially happy that I will go through this experience together with my family. Croatia is a beautiful country full of great and unique motifs and as such is a paradise for photography lovers. We can’t wait for our Croatian adventure”, Said this nice Salvadoran, whose arrival in Croatia was announced by the Salvadoran media, but also by him on social networks. The Cortez family will start their vacation in Zagreb, where during the first and second days of their stay in Croatia (August 31.8 and September 1.9) they will tour the capital with an expert guide driving a Segway, and will also visit Maksimir Park and the ZOO. Then he will stay in Dubrovnik (September 2.9) where he will visit the old town, the walls and the lookout point on Srđ. After that, they will get to know the history of Split (3.9.) And enjoy the local beaches, and the next day (4.9.) They will meet another Dalmatian pearl, Šibenik. After sightseeing, the program on the same day includes a visit to the Kornati National Park and the island of Žut, and a later departure by sea to Zadar, where the family will greet the sun with tones of sea organ. They will continue their journey in Opatija (September 5.9), where the Cortez family will meet with representatives of the Croatian Tourist Board, the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian Football Association. The program of the next day (September 6.9) includes a visit to the flagship of Croatian tourism, Istria, and a tour of Rovinj and Pula where they will get to know the culture, customs and gastronomy of the northern part of the Adriatic. Cortez, 53, is the head of the Mexican bureau of AFP, the world’s third-largest news agency. In his professional career, in addition to sports competitions, he also photographed natural disasters, humanitarian crises, and he went through and recorded scenes of battlefields around the world with his camera. Let us add that the information and news about his arrival in Croatia, as well as the invitation of the Croatian Tourist Board, were transmitted by numerous world media.last_img read more