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PHOTO: TSHD River Thames Out on the Sea Again

first_imgImage source: DEMEFollowing the completion of successful sea trials, the 2.300m³ trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) River Thames went out on the sea again for a series of dredging trials, DEME Group announced today.This compact hopper with a small draught will soon reinforce their fleet and is ideally suited for dredging works in shallow waters and on sea and inland waterways.The vessel is designed to maintain sea and inland waterways, as well as perform land reclamation. It is equipped with the latest electronic system to improve positioning, sounding and execution of dredging work.To minimize environmental impact during dredging, the vessel is equipped with the latest innovation in the field of overflow – the IHC Plumigator.last_img

Old Gym Survives

first_imgA recent article in the Indianapolis Star highlighted the basketball gym in Laurel.  It was the home of the Laurel Panthers basketball team until 1989 when they consolidated with Brookville and Whitewater to form Franklin County High School.  It is a typical gym from the 50’s and 60’s.  I know it had less than 10 rows of seats which reminds me of the Oldenburg Academy gym, except Laurel had a stage on one end.  Most small schools of that era had a stage on one end or the other of their high school gym.  I remember it well from my days at Whitewater because they were a County rival and member of our conference.In a town of 500, it is now a Community Center.  In these small communities the gym was the center of activity when there was a high school.  Today it still serves as a center of activity for Laurel. Kudos to those who worked hard to preserve it!last_img read more