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How to export your Instagram photos and delete your account

first_imgBack in April, Facebook acquired Instagram, everyone’s favorite square photo sharing app. Eight months later, Facebook has updated Instagram’s terms of service and privacy policy, and those who actually read those kinds of things were greeted with a less-than-ideal update. Starting on January 16, Facebook will retain the right to use your Instagram images however they want, which includes selling them without permission and without having to give you a piece of the revenue. Along with that, Facebook and Instagram will own the rights to your images forever, as there is no set time limit on the ownership rights.As we mentioned before, unless there is a significant backlash against this new policy and Facebook subsequently changes it, your best bet to prevent Facebook from obtaining the rights to your photos is to delete your Instagram account before the January 16 deadline. However, you might have a ton of pictures saved there, without backups elsewhere. If that’s the case, here’s a handy guide to help you export your Instagram pictures and delete your account.Exporting Your PhotosThere are a few easy ways to export your photos.Instaport will allow you to download all of your photos into a ZIP file, and is actually recommended by Instagram itself. Simply log into the site with your Instagram account, and follow the instructions.OpenPhoto is a little more complicated, but allows you to save and then transfer your photos to a storage service of your choice, like Dropbox or Amazon S3. If you don’t want all of your Instagram photos, but would rather preserve a select few, navigate to your profile and then to the individual picture(s) you want to save. For iOS: Tap the “…” button, tap “copy share URL,” open up your mobile browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) and paste the copied URL into the address bar. When your photo loads, tap and hold the photo until the options menu pops up, then tap “Save image to library.” For Android: Tap the “…” button and select “Share.” From there, navigate to either “Messages” or “Email,” then highlight and copy the photo’s URL. Open a mobile browser, then paste the copied URL into the address bar. Tap and hold the photo until the options bar appears, then tap “save.”Instaport seems to be the quickest and easiest way to grab all of your photos in one go, but if you’re overflowing with photos you don’t really care about anymore and want to save time and storage space, the option of manually saving individually photos is there, though tedious.Deleting Your Instagram AccountDeleting your account is much simpler than exporting all of your photos, and all you have to do is head over to Instagram’s account removal page, located here. Simply follow the link on that page, answer the survey question, and you’ll be removed from the face of the washed-out image filter internet. Just make sure you backup your photos beforehand, as it’s surprisingly easy to delete your Instagram account.Keep in mind, Facebook‘s new policy doesn’t mean they’ll definitely mine all of your photos and do something like use them for advertisements, but it does mean it’s entirely possible that they could. If you’re worried about that, at least now you know it’s not so difficult to back up your images and get rid of your account.last_img read more