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Foxconn asks workers to sign nosuicide pledges

first_imgFoxconn has a problem on their hands. Too many of their workers wind up getting sick or deciding to kill themselves because of the long hours and stressful work involved with manufacturing products they know the world markets demand.The company has already tried boosting wages to increase employee morale, but now company management has another trick up their sleeves: “no suicide” pledges that every employee has to sign. The wage increases apparently haven’t changed the core working conditions at Foxconn plants in China, and at least 14 workers have committed suicide in the past 16 months.AdChoices广告Foxconn is notable because they manufacture Apple iPads and iPhones, among other Apple products. Employees are not only subject to high demand and a fast-moving assembly line, but also are required to work in utmost secrecy, especially when a new product is beginning a manufacturing run.That’s not the end of the story, either: the Centre for Research on Multinational Companies and Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour did a study of Foxconn’s facilities and found that the problem was systemic. Workers were forced to work overtime hours, with one employee clocking in over 98 hours of overtime in a single month, and during peak iPad demand workers were only able to take one day off every 13 days. Other workers were forced to stand during their entire 12-hour shifts.Unfortunately, none of those problems are issues that a signed pledge that a worker won’t kill themselves can actually fix. The pledge itself was a response by management to studies documenting the working conditions at Foxconn’s Chinese plants. Management also claims that while they admit to breaking the overtime laws, they claim it’s voluntary and the employees want to work long hours.They have also said that some employees commit suicide not because of the working conditions, but because they want to net their surviving families big compensation payments from the company. Management also points to the anti-suicide “nets” that have been put up around the Foxconn dormitory buildings where the employees stay as an example of their desire to protect workers.A “no suicide” pledge is a far cry from a fix to Foxconn’s problems, and social observers and international human rights groups claim the company isn’t doing enough to spread the workload out across more workers or pay current workers what they’re really worth. Apple’s own investigation noted that Foxconn may be failing to meet Apple’s own supplier code of conduct. Regardless, demand for iPads and iPhones is still high, and with a new iPhone on the horizon, it’s doubtful there’ll be a long term fix to Foxconn’s HR problems in the near future.via The Daily Maillast_img read more

The Big Android BBQ 2013 in pictures

first_imgThis past weekend in Dallas, the largest independently organized Android event in the US wrapped up its fourth annual get together, complete with developer sessions, more than 30 Glass users, and of course some tasty tasty smoked meat.The Big Android BBQ is a unique combination of developer conference and enthusiast get-together, all wrapped up in a general celebration of the Android operating system. Attendees come from all over the world to share ideas, best practices, or just to hang out with friends. This year the conference saw more than 40 sessions ranging from Glass development to hardware hacking, with more than a few things in between.I was fortunate enough to host the closing keynote for the BABBQ, which included a fireside chat between members of the Cyanogen Inc and AOKP projects. As two of the largest third party ROMs for Android, Steve Kondik and Roman Birg were joined by Koushik Dutta and Josh Ciesla to discuss the future of the platform as a whole. (Check out our Hangout with Kondik and Dutta.)Sponsors for this year’s event included Oppo, nVidia, Sony, and many others. Some sponsors come to give presentations of their own, while others filled the main gallery with their products in order to encourage users to check out what is new from that company. Oppo was on hand to show off their new N1 phone, though there was not yet a place to show off the limited edition CyanogenMod version of the device. Meanwhile, nVidia was bust showing off what their Shield console was capable of and giving users a look at what the original prototypes looked like.The two and a half day event concludes with a huge party with BBQ that was prepared right on the premises through the entire event, with the help of an all volunteer staff that helps put it all together each year. The focus of the closing event is typically a charity of some description, in which sponsors and attendees alike donate to the charity through a series of giveaways and raffles.This year the event raised over $8000 for Rapha House, an organization that focuses on helping victims of human trafficking and sex slavery. By the time the event is over, there’s no shortage of emotional goodbyes and newly forged personal and professional relationships. [Photography by Chris Sewell, Asher Simonds, and Corey Eacret] VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Big Android BBQ 2013Big Android BBQ 2013Opening DayBig Android BBQ 2013nVidia Shield and an AR DroneBig Android BBQ 2013Collectible Android pinsBig Android BBQ 2013Robots, hackers, and AndroidBig Android BBQ 2013Cyanogen Inc PanelBig Android BBQ 2013Ollie Oppo and Koushik DuttaBig Android BBQ 2013Custom DBY SpheroBig Android BBQ 2013Custom Android figurinesBig Android BBQ 2013“Adult” trikes for the evening partyBig Android BBQ 2013Day Two in the main hallBig Android BBQ 2013Cyanogen and AOKP closing keynoteBig Android BBQ 2013Preparing the meat!Big Android BBQ 2013Aaron Kasten and Ray Walters at the closing partyBig Android BBQ 2013Rapha House charity raffleOpening Daylast_img read more